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September 19, 2010

DIY sequin tights

Here are a few quick pics of my DIY sequin tights. As I mentioned before, my inspiration came from these.  As you can see, photos are not easy for me to take of myself… but you get the idea. I’m feeling now that maybe my tights need MORE sequins? So here’s my work in progress:

September 19, 2010

feeling filly 2010

Love this fall 2010 Filly collection by Portland’s Emily Christensen’s, titled “The American.” The photography styling is beautiful, plus, I love purple pants.

via {frolic!} via Honey Kennedy.

September 18, 2010

sequins and rings

This morning I went out for a nice brunch and a shop with a friend. When I told my friend about a DIY sequin tights project, she handed over little bags of beautiful sequins for me to use. So I came back home and spent the next 4 hours sewing little sequins onto the knees of a pair of black tights, until I ran out of black thread. My DIY inspiration comes from these amazing things.

My fingers are about to fall off now so I’ll try to take some pics of them tomorrow and get them up on my next post! For now, I leave you with my favorite ring of the moment: the alphabet ring from catbird in Brooklyn. I would love to get 2 rings to wear on my right ring finger: one with my first initial and the other with my man’s first initial. ❤

September 17, 2010

weekend thoughts

Huge banana bread failure tonight. I adjusted my portions to suit my puny banana bunch and something went terribly wrong. Ah well, I’ll probably eat some of it anyway.

And who cares, it’s still open-window weather and nothing can beat that. Except my upcoming rendezvous with my moseyman in PARIS! You thought I was done mentioning that? Ha ha, no way near. I’m just starting to plan what I’ll pack (lying – I starting planning weeks ago). Knowing that the weather will be cooler there, I’m wishing I had some awesome leggings like this girl’s, to impress those Parisian passerbys:

AND here’s some Weekend Linkage:

A unique and honorable DIY project

Loving the short and sweet look. (click and scroll down)

My favorite and hilarious welcome to autumn.

My all-time favorite sneak peek on D*S

It’s the Weeeekennnnnd… Yabba Dabba Doooo!

September 17, 2010

tree in house

What a great big lively beast! We used to have a couple of tree plants in our old Tel Aviv home (Sally and Paddington – aka Paddy), but nothing quite as leafy and luxe like this one. I think that basket pot adds a nice touch too. What about you? Are you into homely tree plants?

via Fondly Seen via The Marion House Book.

September 16, 2010

blankets all the time

Ever wish you could just transport your inside blanket-lounging self to the outside… without losing your blanket and still keeping your self respect? Now you can……. blanket jacket.

September 13, 2010

houseboat living

Just some of the most gorgeous floating homes. For you and me.

Modern mass… [found here]

A peek inside…

A peek on top…

Swamp monster beauty [found here]

Inside looking out… or outside looking in?

A house on the water and a house in the air… [found here]

Houseboat neighborhood [found here]

September 12, 2010

movie style: mermaids

We love some movies for their story line, cinematography and character strength. We fall in love with some movies for their characters’ inspiring sense of style and personal crusade. Mermaids makes my Top 3. Got any fashion inspirations in your movie vault?

Character bookmark: Charlotte (played by Wynona Ryder).
Uniform love: 50’s dress with “ugly, old” boyish boots and a girly headband.

September 10, 2010

sessun in the winter

Weeeee, the Sessun autumn-winter 2011 collection is beautiful! And the styling so inspiring: vintage style coats, loose hair mixed with beach-house braids, striped shirts, plaid crazy-pants and white ribbed tights…

What’s just as interesting though is the photography: wistful, foggy and slightly sad. Kind of makes me want to hide away under the covers all day. But perhaps that just my mood. What do you think?

September 9, 2010

golden vines and diamond flowers

Remember sitting out in the field during school sports and making jewelry out of grass, flowers, & vines? This beautiful diamond vine ring from Sundance, seems to take those ideas one step further…

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