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July 31, 2009

the shoe breakup

As some of you may have noticed, I’m an avid online shopper at Urban Outfitters. I post far too many items that I find there, including my recent shoe purchase, which I gleefully displayed few posts ago, the black cutout oxfords.

This new, special shoe brought me immense pleasure and felt like real love at first sight, but all feelings for them soon quickly evolved into a destructive love-hate relationship.

What happened was my cutout oxfords collapsed and tore up everywhere after just one wear, and only became worse. After just 5 wears I could no longer frolic around town comfortably in them.

I sent an email to complaints department at Urban Outfitters a few days ago, explaining my dilemma and requesting a solution. I didn’t expect much from their customer support so I was happily surprised when an email came my way from a Miss Julie Barna offering not only her sincere apologies but also a gift card in the amount of the cost of the oxfords.

Lesson to be learned: Stop bitching and do something about it. When you buy a product you’re not happy with, write a letter and you shall most likely be compensated for your misery, and in my case earn a mini shopping spree out of it!

Has anyone else ever complained about something they bought and were compensated for it?

July 25, 2009

suspender dilemma solved

Back in February I bought myself a pair of skinny, black suspenders from American Apparel. I thought they would easily spruce up some of my outfits. Turned out that I had no idea how to rock them properly and I chickened out on ever trying. Being jobless and broke at the time, I decided it would be best to return them because AA certainly isn’t the cheapest shop in the Middle East. Today I saw these jumpers by Rag & Bone with built in suspenders, and thought they made for a perfect solution to the suspender dilemma. No fuss or worry if they look odd, they were made for the outfit.

detachable susependers forwardforward

r&b jazz jumper in pepper

Shopping: Rag & Bone Madras jumper, Rag & Bone Jazz jumper

July 24, 2009

a floral affair

Up until a few weeks ago, my apartment was in desperate need of some flowering up, so I went out and bought a huge window box and 3 healthy plants bursting all over the place with soft white petals. The plant nursery owner taught me, in his old broken English, how to take proper care of his babies and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I will not ignore these new friends and allow them to wilt and die like I did with the bunch last summer. I will be the best flower mommy in the neighborhood. Now, In the midst of my planting and nursing, I also built up a new affinity for clothing and accessories adorned with flower prints. Here are 2 of my favorites and here’s how I’d wear each of them.



Shopping: floral dress, nottingham booties; flower xbody bag, studded shoulder crop top

July 23, 2009

POT OF GOLD – slash booties

The beautiful POT OF GOLD I discovered this week are Maude’s new, serious yet airy, slash booties. Great for adding a little weird to your outfit. Perfect for creating a little mayhem in. 🙂

maude mayhem slash bootie pixiemarket

maude slassh booties2

July 22, 2009

a beautiful mess

Dreaming of the early, fall days so I can snuggle up with this scrumptious, raggedy mess!

Picture 1

July 19, 2009

new discoveries

For the past couple of weeks, I had been feeling like I was in a bit of a online shopping rut, so I was quite excited to discover a new fab online shopping site via unruly things! Yippie!

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

July 17, 2009

POT OF GOLD – stringy dress

My Pot of Gold this week is a cocoon shaped mini dress with dangling strings and padded shoulders. I love the simple structure of this dress, paired with the big mess at the front. It looks really fun to wear about and with all those laces hanging right at fingertip length, I would always have something to do with my hands! No accessorizing needed, I present the adm2012 padded shoulder dress from pixiemarket:

pad shoulder dress pixiemarket

July 13, 2009

a declaration of purple and black

Inspired by Sonia Rykiel’s S/S 09 collection, I’ve been dousing my summer wardrobe with bits of purple and black. I think I can officially declare that it’s my new favorite color combination. Do you have a favorite color combo of the moment? Or am I just crazy?

purple&blackstripey silk rugby tee, frill mini skirt, ’80s round face watch, deena & ozzy doorknocker mini bag, bensimon sneaks

July 10, 2009

sweating a peek at sonia’s fall

Not wanting to think much about pants and jackets and wool in this summer heat, has deterred me from peeking around at Fall 09 collections. I just can’t do it. But I was so curious today to see what Sonia Rykiel‘s fall looks amounted to that I moseyed on over to her site. The looks feel really different from her Spring/Summer 09 collection but still retain that dark yet playful manner she managed to previously pull off. It’s that whole masculine meets feminine thing, but in a unique Sonia kind of way. Here are my 2 favorite looks, then no more fall posts until I stop sweating. And oh, I love this model’s hair braid!

sonia rykiel fall 09

sonia rykiel fall 09

July 9, 2009

i dream of jeanie

Although I’m a jeans and Tshirt kind of girl a lot of the time, I don’t especially venture out into different types of jean clothing besides the obvious pant, and I have never been that girl with the cool denim jacket. But today I experienced a jean epiphany! From this day forward (until I change my mind again) I plan to continue wearing jean, but in its alternative form! I love these denim pieces below… perhaps there is still a chance to be that girl with the cool denim jacket.

i dream of jeanie

denim cropped utility jacket, red rose skinny jean, shirred waist tunic, runner hot pants, washed denim bra, washed denim panties.

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