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January 26, 2010

new place, new start, new decor

While I’m gearing up for our huge move back to the states in a couple of months, I’m also eyeing home decor everywhere. Since we’re looking to buy an apartment all I can think of is: new start, new home, new color, new warmth. My favorite nearby restaurant, called Puah, has the most beautiful eclectic decor. Each table, table cloth, plate and glass is unique and vintage. It’s styled down to the flower vase, knife and fork. I have to take pictures next time we go because I think that place will be my inspiration.

I regrettably didn’t do anything nice with our apartment here in the Middle East. It’s quite pretty on it’s own too… has very unique old sliding eastern doors, a great new kitchen and creamy tones all over. For our next place, I plan to add tons of color and warmth; maybe starting with this floral, smear-dyed duvet cover & sham set. But I’m a sucker for any pretty bed linens.

July 22, 2009

a beautiful mess

Dreaming of the early, fall days so I can snuggle up with this scrumptious, raggedy mess!

Picture 1

June 2, 2009

sweet sheet marimekko

I’ve always had a love for Marimekko fabric. It had left my mind for a while until Katja from Nestled In posted about it yesterday. Look at these amazing bed sets!

April 21, 2009

for juniors?

I’m always a little surprised to find that when looking around for new bed linens, the sets I end up really loving, seem to be for “juniors.” Does that make me immature? Do I have infantile taste? I suppose I must. But check out these pretty duvet sets by DwellStudio. There are a few patterns in my picks below, for juniors. Can you pick out which ones they are? (Well, perhaps the teddy bears are a slight giveaway…)



motif robin

motif robin

gio primrose

gio primrose

collage charcoal

collage charcoal

March 16, 2009

i <3 sheets

While moseyman was away, camping in the desert, I had been squatting in squalor. It’s barely an exaggeration, I had been shamefully lazy and had let the house become something he wouldn’t have recognized when he got back. Luckily, during my lowest point of procrastination, I found some sweet nuggets of online bed and bath inspiration. So in the nick of time, I whipped up a cleaning doozie and even added some fresh cut flowers to the kitchen! Still not picture worthy though, here instead, are a few of the images that willed me to turn on the vacuum.

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