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March 31, 2010


Being that Moseyman and I have been roadtripping around the USA for 2 weeks straight now, blogging has been a little less of a priority. Sorry. We experienced bucketfulls of butter in the south, mexican food for days in the southwest, healthy doses of whatever in Cali and now we’re heading north towards good ol Portland. Looking forward to testing out Design Sponge’s Portland guide! Not sure why I categorized our trip by food but ah well. It must be said that we’ve moved out of the middle east, dog and all. We’re hoping to magically find a Brooklyn apartment before arriving… Here’s a pic I took in Austin during SXSW. I’ll be posting more road trip pics soon…

March 10, 2010

best band paraphernalia goes to: holopaw

While they were recently featured in Time Out NY as having the best band Tshirt – I have to wholeheartedly agree – Holopaw has created a band tee that I’ll actually wear… on a regular basis. All artwork is original and beautiful. If you don’t know about Holopaw, listen here. Their music is as poetic as their merch. Oh, and here’s their blog.

March 3, 2010

a perfect mess

It’s almost midnight and I’m listening to the howling wind outside my in-law’s 9th story apartment. There’s some sort of wind tunnel effect around their building that causes a windy day to sound more frightening than the setting of a Sherlock Holmes story.

Walking around the building courtyard also causes some sort of wind tunnel effect through your hair and you end up looking like a hurricane. It’s not a very pretty mess either. Not like this:

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March 3, 2010

tsumori chisato – a beautiful butterfly

“One day, a beautiful butterfly settled on one of the nettle’s leaves

and, instead of saying ‘ow!’ and flying away again,

the butterfly just sat there and unfolded her lovely coloured wings

and rested there in the sunshine.”

– The Beautiful Butterfly

March 2, 2010

fantasy tour – the band nerds – texas

In a just few weeks time moseyman and I will be traveling south by south west… here’s my Austin-inspired getup:

Shopping: jeany sandals, white ankle socks, stripey top and pocket tote, black and white skirt (can’t remember, sorry)!

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March 1, 2010

campbell’s shoe – m’m m’m good

I like these ugly campbell’s… with white ankle socks?

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