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October 30, 2009

canadian virginia

I was browsing around Lena Corwin‘s blog today and was excited to discover a designer friend of hers, Canadian textile designer, Virginia Johnson. Like Lena, Virginia’s talent lies in producing simple, yet colorful and beautiful prints. Virginia paints her prints using watercolors, which are then silkscreened onto a range of fabrics from light-weight cotton to merino wool. I especially love her shawls and bags.

virginia johnson

October 30, 2009

winter wrap

Yesterday evening I stepped outside to take the dog for a walk and I had a lovely moment of peacefulness: the cool air rolling in very slowly, the piano playing neighbors filling the neighborhood with soul, the fallen, soggy red and orange leaves sticking to the parked cars, and the street lamps casting warm shadows on the sidewalk… It’s almost wrapping up time here. Almost…


winter wrap

Shopping: silk top, geo scarf, tweed booties, wrap collar coat, chain and silk wrap bracelet.

October 29, 2009

natural causes?

I had been a fan of Rachel Comey for a while, but felt a little betrayed today after I was confronted by this thing. I suppose its “Baby Alpaca Fur, all died of natural causes,” note is a decent attempt at justifying the offense but I’m still not happy about it. Am I alone in this disappointment?


October 28, 2009

work a little, sniffle a little

Well, I’m back from my trip to cold, rainy Yorkshire and now nursing my poor English cold. But it’s okay, due to lack of company funding, I conveniently just got asked to work from home, part time. Now I can work a little, sniffle a little and blog a little! Sure I’ll have to find some extra work eventually, but for now this works for me.

Back to my trip… while small English towns generally don’t reveal the most inspiring fashion (pink Uggs and fur sleeve cuffs), I did manage to find some inspiring rainbows and ladybugs.

outside my train window

view outside my train window

waiting for the train... ladybug is waiting with me

waiting for the train... ladybug is waiting with me

October 20, 2009

yorkshire is calling

I’m about to make a mind (or nose) numbing weather switch from the Middle East’s 93 degrees to Northern England’s 40-50 degrees, and I can’t even fathom coats and tights and rain gear right now. I’ve been rummaging through my winter drawers and it’s looking quite bleak. I have these new, white-ish booties and some colorful tights but I’m afraid to say, it doesn’t get more exciting than that. Time to get creative… here’s to working (mostly) with what you’ve got!

An attire fit for a Yorkshire Dales frolic:


October 19, 2009

a tribute to hilda

On Thursday morning I’ll be hopping on a flight to London. A four hour northern train ride later, I’ll be reunited with my family at home in Yorkshire. Once there, we will be commemorating the life of my amazing grandma Hilda. Not only was Hilda an influential peace activist (she attended the Peace Conference where Picasso stood up and sketched a dove and declared it would be the sign for peace), but during WWII she helped free German Jews from British Internment camps (meant for Nazi’s not Jews) in Australia, and housed several Jewish families at her home in England. I’m proud of my late, grandma Hilda and hope that I can do something worthy in my lifetime.

picasso dove

October 18, 2009

tis not yet the season…

I, by no means, am feeling any sort of holiday spirit where I am, but this Urban holiday lookbook, courtesy of Refinery29, had me singing Christmas carols like a chorus champ. I want to dance around to the Nutcracker, wearing sparkly necklaces and silk, zebra printed smoking jackets. Weeeeee…

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 12.34.29 AM

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 12.34.43 AM

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 12.34.17 AM

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 12.34.59 AM

October 17, 2009

POT OF GOLD – curled leaf bracelet

I’m not a bracelet wearer. Frankly, my wrist is just too small for anything to ever stay on it. When I was in my late teens, my sister made me a beaded bracelet. It wasn’t all perfectly beaded with wooden beads, instead, it was a mish mosh of sparkly gems and silver balls. It was a disorganized disco party, specially designed for my teeny tiny, happy wrist. Besides this custom made sparkle fest, my wrist never successfully embraced other bracelets such as the impossible bangle. But today I found this curled, gold leaf, wrist wrap. If it didn’t cost almost $2000, it could have maybe been just be the bracelet to break my bare armed streak.

wouters and hendrix curl leaf bracelet

wouters and hendrix curl leaf bracelet

October 14, 2009

sweet lyells

I’m loving the simple, classy, yet unique silhouettes of Lyell’s Fall 09 collection. Traditional silks, tweeds, velvets and wool are intertwined with one another to balance out a protective and cozy, yet bulkless combo.

lyell fall09

conway bouse, star knit vest and scallop shorts (like a scrumptious winter meal)


pixie blouse


velvet trim dress

October 10, 2009

weekend napathon

Busy enjoying a wonderfully nappish weekend and so is the dog…


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