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August 28, 2009

the transition shoe

The perfect summer-fall transition shoe. Classic F-Troupe make-up: big straps, big buckles, big win as far as I’m concerned.

Picture 2

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August 27, 2009


Check out these amazing double decker tree nests located on some unspecified person’s fancy estate in Long Island (of all places). Apparently, one of the owners, “John” had a “penchant for secret rooms.”

The nests were built from salvaged, old barn wood, and driftwood from the beach, that nest designer Mr. Romero, picked up while surfing. It took Romero 5 weeks to build the nests and cost the owners about $65,000. When completed in June, the owners celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, complete with champagne. You can read the NY Times article here.




Aren’t they just fantastic? I can’t help but mutter quietly to myself, “but, but… that’s not fair!”

August 22, 2009

sock shopping

Do you love socks and tights? When I was younger (but not too young, I’m afraid) my friends and I created a club of sorts called “sock shoppers.” My best friend though, was the true sock champion. While my socks were thrown into my old dresser drawers like used, dirty balls, she had designated about 3 large dresser drawers for her over-sized sock collection. Each pair was folded, color coded and filed like an important document. She had a style, color and pattern for every occasion and I rarely saw her wear the same pair of socks twice. Although Tsumori Chisato can make anything look important, these socks and tights brought bubbling forth, my old love for these simply worn accessories.

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Picture 8

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August 21, 2009

the jacket

military jacket APC

military jacket APC

wool ellington coat Steven Allen

wool ellington coat Steven Allen

military crest jacket Pixiemarket

military crest jacket Pixiemarket

This last one is my absolute favorite.

August 18, 2009

fake leather, zippers and frills

Fake leather, zippers and frills. What a lovely combination! I’m coveting these two pieces…


zip neck ruffle blouse - topshop

silence and noise faux leather jacket - urban

silence and noise faux leather jacket - urban

August 13, 2009

peacock week

Moseyman and I took the dog on a trip to the park last weekend and ended up discovering a sad, little, outdoor zoo. It was a very strange, poor man’s zoo that was dropped right smack in the middle of our walk way. Deer, antelope, ostriches and peacocks roamed around a dirt-filled square surrounded by metal fencing. Signs everywhere said to not feed the animals but of course many families were offering cheesy poofs and peanuts through the fence holes. The peacocks particularly caught my eye since they were set off to the side, fenced in on their own, and they seemed sad, yet very beautiful. Funnily enough, I saw these peacock pillows at Bird today and thought of those sparkling, exotic creatures. The pillows however, seem far happier than the zoo-cocks…

Picture 1Picture 2

August 9, 2009

not-even-close-to-winter tights

It’s at least 90 degrees here every day and the last thing I’m thinking about is pulling on a pair of thick, black, stud adorned tights, but these tights over at Pixiemarket make me want to crank the air to 68 and dance around the house. There are a bunch of crazy, studly tights over at Pixiemarket, but these are by far my favorite. Reminding me of my old, pantomime, dancing days, meet The Carousel Tights.


August 3, 2009

POT OF GOLD – marching to the beat of this jacket

Nylon’s June/July issue featured the band jacket in all its glory. The best part is that the beautiful epaulet emblazoned jacket featured on the model, is a cheaper BB Dakota version at an affordable $80. I found it on

Picture 1

August 2, 2009

easy breezy mix-n-match

I don’t know about you, but at times, a lighter and airier fabric can make for a lighter and airier me. I love these mix and match navy, black and white pieces. Cowl sleeved tanks and thinly layered fabrics make summertime seem more bearable and just looking at these pieces make me feel cooler.

light and airy

frilled hem swing skirt – topshop, side cowl top –, zip tape pocket tank – topshop, striped burnout skirt –, london rebel woven thong –

August 1, 2009

a new friend coming soon

I can’t wait until I get my new, white macbook. My parents will be bringing it to me on their September trip here. A few weeks ago my old, trusted, white ibook decided to close his eyes for the very last time. Goodbye old friend! Now I’m blogging and internetting on moseyman’s mac but its just not the same…

Isn’t she just so beautiful?

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