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March 10, 2012

sessun spring 2012

I love Sessun’s spring 2012 collection: plaid on plaid, polkadot clutches, mix & match color and patterned summer sandals.

June 28, 2010

little bohemian weekend

I fell in love with a ton of dresses, tops and housewares, over the weekend, all from one little British website, The styling is so unique and so fitting for an indoors-on-a-hot-day, weekend bohemian mood. This first dress with the gigantic owl is my favorite… the detail up close is stunning!

Allende silk dress

Laney Sun Dress

Normandy Dress

Indigo Blouse

Riad Dress

June 26, 2009

summer dresses for broke(ish) lasses

Feeling a bit broke these days and knowing there are others out there who must be feeling it too, I decided to post a bundleful of dresses for under $100. Under $50 would’ve been better, I know, but a few were just too cute to not get slipped in 🙂

Shopping: topshop,, pixiemarket, forever21, shopnastygal, chickdowntown, asos,

June 12, 2009

pretty in print

Bloomies is carrying a huge quantity of beautiful, printed, summer, party dresses that seem perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. Here are just a few goodies from their selection.

March 27, 2009

sophie’s sequins

Sequins always remind me of my old dancing costumes from my pantomime days in England. Although I was only 4 or 5 years old, I can still remember (with the help of some old family photos), those spandex catsuits with the big, hand-sewn sequins. They were like gigantic, beautiful, orbs of sparkle. So when I saw Sophie Hulme’s S/S 09 collection with all the pink and gold hand-sewn sequins, I was immediately taken back in time… *flashback to dark stage, bright lights, pensive expression and me doing a perfect gymnast’s split*

You can buy some sequiny Sophie at Pixiemarket.

March 24, 2009

my train to mociun

Holy crap. I just discovered today. This shop is a rare bird. Pretty much all the merch is beautiful and quirky. Lucky for my bank account, their amazing apparel has limits on their available sizes (the Fox in Mociun Dolman Dress only comes in a M/L and I’m a XS/S). Anyone know where I can find this dress in my size?


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