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July 17, 2012

view of the world from bedford avenue

If you live in Brooklyn, NY like we do, then you might especially like this print.

Starting tomorrow (July 18th) at 10am, my graphic artist friend, Koren Shadmi will be selling his recent creation – a limited edition print titled “View of the World from Bedford Avenue

an homage  to the classic New Yorker cover from 1976 by the great Saul Steinberg. The original cover was a visual observation of how New Yorkers see the rest of the world; miniaturized by the grandeur and solipsism of Manhattan, the unofficial center of the world. Some (including me) would argue that the new center of the world is now Brooklyn.






Isn’t it awesome? You can buy it here (starting Wednesday).

June 12, 2012

a few of my favorite chairs

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful pieces of furniture. I mostly just love to look though. Here are a few of my favorite pinned chairs this week.

Love the shape of this beautiful mint barstool

West Elm’s new John Vogel chair

Little oak wood bench with a pop of color

Can you tell I’m into minty green lately? Cafe colors bar stool

January 17, 2012

zig a zig ahhh

i really really really want this bear duvet. Why doesn’t it come in double size? via apartment diet


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November 5, 2010

log cabin lighting

I love this warm & cozy log cabin pendant from Anthropologie, but it’s crazy expensive. It’s made from a wooly plaid blanket. DIY perhaps?

February 17, 2010

octopus pillow

Gotta have this pillow:

As seen amongst the designsponge photos that darling dexter took for Juliet’s Sneakpeak.

October 4, 2009

office in a trunk

Check out this amazing office, built right inside an enormous, vintage, “steamer” trunk. It’s actually handmade with distressed vintage leather (covering a wood frame), and holds everything you would ever need for your office space; a pull out desk, tons of cubbies, drawers and file cabinets. Look who’s selling it for a mere $3995.

secretary trunk1

secretary trunk2

secretary trunk5

secretary trunk4

August 1, 2009

a new friend coming soon

I can’t wait until I get my new, white macbook. My parents will be bringing it to me on their September trip here. A few weeks ago my old, trusted, white ibook decided to close his eyes for the very last time. Goodbye old friend! Now I’m blogging and internetting on moseyman’s mac but its just not the same…

Isn’t she just so beautiful?

Picture 1

Picture 2

June 27, 2009

I’m a winner :)

When I was little I used to think I was lucky at winning things. It was true, really. I strangely went through this phase where I would sign up for silly little contests and most of the time I would win. I won a mans silver watch, an Eckards (drug store) kids coloring contest and other local raffles. But the older I grew, the less I won things and the more cynical I became, until I just stopped trying… until a week ago.

I just received an email from the awesome blogger, Sofia Barao of lafee coriandre, announcing that I won the needlebook in the Fieldguided giveaway. It’s a sweet looking handmade needle wallet and I’m quite excited to receive it in the mail! Thank you to Sofia and of course to Fieldguided for providing fun winning opportunities and restoring the faith in all of us that winning is still possible. Or at least for me it is! HA! Here’s what I won:

by fieldguided

by fieldguided

June 10, 2009

houseboats contd.

After today’s commute on a stuffy, stinky, packed bus and the constant reminder of cars zooming outdoors, I drifted off once again into my peaceful land of houseboats…

schwimmhaus boat

schwimmhaus boat

a mobile houseboat

a mobile houseboat

amsterdam houseboats

amsterdam houseboats

tiny toronto houseboat

tiny toronto houseboat

June 5, 2009

purples, greens, circles and seeds

After tidying the apartment today, I felt unsatisfied still. Our living room lacks serious color as well as pattern and dimension. We’ve adopted these beautiful serene couches, but don’t take real advantage of the space. I roamed around online and found some punches of color and pattern. The one thing I noticed all my choices had in common were purples, greens, circles and seeds. This is a bit strange because I’m usually attracted to blues and greens. Are you drawn to the same sets of colors and patterns each time you decorate a room, or does it change, depending on the room?

hook, curtain, chair and cushion - urban outfitters

hook, curtain, chair and cushion - urban outfitters

rug and hook - urban, chair - anthropologie

rug and hook - urban, chair - anthropologie

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