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June 5, 2009

purples, greens, circles and seeds

After tidying the apartment today, I felt unsatisfied still. Our living room lacks serious color as well as pattern and dimension. We’ve adopted these beautiful serene couches, but don’t take real advantage of the space. I roamed around online and found some punches of color and pattern. The one thing I noticed all my choices had in common were purples, greens, circles and seeds. This is a bit strange because I’m usually attracted to blues and greens. Are you drawn to the same sets of colors and patterns each time you decorate a room, or does it change, depending on the room?

hook, curtain, chair and cushion - urban outfitters

hook, curtain, chair and cushion - urban outfitters

rug and hook - urban, chair - anthropologie

rug and hook - urban, chair - anthropologie

June 2, 2009

sweet sheet marimekko

I’ve always had a love for Marimekko fabric. It had left my mind for a while until Katja from Nestled In posted about it yesterday. Look at these amazing bed sets!

May 4, 2009

seeing black and white

I’m a total color fiend, but lately I’ve noticed that there are some black and white doodads with real appeal. So… here are my black and white bedroom pics.

Shopping: Indo feather rug, tribal curtain, trees pillowcase and bird hamper – urban outfitters ~ k studio birds pillow – designpublic ~ air balloon wall graphics – householdwords

April 25, 2009

good ruggage

Going rug shopping for my imaginary new Brooklyn home was… not a waste of time at all. Dreaming spent on designpublic.

April 17, 2009

pillowy goodness

I’m stuffed with smooshy love for these new, bold, graphic pillows by Alyssa Zukas. This self taught artist has been designing for stores like Urban Outfitters and stylish, Jewish paraphernalia company, Notschlock. She goes by the pseudonym Two String Jane and subscribes to the idea of creating “designs that are wearable and pairable.” She works across many forms of media, from painting to sculpture to houseware design. Check out her latest and greatest (all available at Urban Outfitters):

star pillow $48

star pillow $48

lightning pillow $48

lightning pillow $48

heart pillow $48

heart pillow $48

this is my favorite

this is my favorite

March 26, 2009

home ec

I just spent the last two days ignoring my blog, ignoring fashion all together, because it was all making me become a little too obsessed. During my fashion time-out I occupied my thoughts elsewhere… home decor. Decorno got me thinking about all sorts of new homey things. It “helps” that I’m unemployed and spend 98% of my day at home now (lending 2% to splurging on yummy brunches out with my dog and frequent trips to American Apparel). One day I will own a home of my own and Decorno’s blog helps me develop that imaginary place into a cozy little hub that’s well thought out with colorful walls and quality furniture. If I start my home decor education now, I should be an expert by the time I earn the right to paint my very own walls. Five very simple things I envision right now for a place to call my own:

1) One exposed brick wall (as long as it doesn’t attract bacteria – I have slight germaphobic tendencies)

2) Color everywhere

3) A bathtub (a great bathtub)

4) A refurbished kitchen

5) Wood floors (of course)

Maybe something a bit like this?




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