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February 3, 2010

awesome things under $50

I’m tired of high priced awesome things. Here’s my under $50 awesome roundup:

Shopping: urban, refinery29, needsupply, forever21

December 22, 2009

lacey lady

Like I blogged before, I’m not into the full-on lace look, makes me feel like an old lady. But I’m kind of digging the lace details on these numbers… especially this first ivory number with the secret zip lace compartment:

Shopping: Silence and Noise lace zip back tee, jumper playsuit Johann lace top dress, saloon trim cardi

July 8, 2009


I’ve written about the great aztek print before, but these pieces are too sweet to ignore…


Shopping: tribal navy playsuit – pixiemarket, aztek print legging –

May 30, 2009

a proposal to tsumori

I’ve been drooling over Tsumori Chisato for a little while now, feeling nothing but utter admiration and love for everything she creates. I honestly feel like I could be happy wearing only her designs and no one else’s for the rest of my life, so let’s make this official. Tsumori Chisato, will you marry me?

watercolor check leggings

watercolor check tights

watercolor print jumper

watercolor print jumper

patchwork shoulder purse

patchwork shoulder purse

watercolor check socks

watercolor check socks

watercolor check shorts

watercolor check shorts

Shopping: Opening Ceremony

April 17, 2009

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ reserved for nature

So this weekend called for another breather from city life. This time we chose to drive a few hours north to a beautiful nature reserve. We brought the dog with us as usual, but were told once we got there that she wasn’t allowed to come on the trails with us. Feeling terrible about leaving her stuck in the car, we didn’t linger too long while we were there. But guilt aside, this was one of my favorite field trips we’ve taken so far. It wasn’t that the reserve was huge and empty of people, it was actually quite small and fairly populated. It was the weather that played a huge part in this great day. Dark clouds hovered over powerful sun rays which made for a dramatic back drop. Then after the clouds eventually burst, the colors were fantastic! Like after every great storm, the greens were greener, the yellows were yellower, etc… The highlight of the trip though, which turned us into a couple of gross camera happy tourists, was the herd of wild water buffalo, just roaming about oh 50 feet away. So… this week’s trip picks theme is “nature tourist nerd caught in rain storm.”

nature-reservesquirrel wood necklace need supply ~ katoh bag modcloth ~ frill umbrella topshop ~ unis jumper bird ~ fisheye camera urban outfitters ~ fendi rain boots bluefly.

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