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January 2, 2010

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ warm winters day

It was a bright, summery winters (2010) day here in the middle east so we took the dog out of the city for a much needed hike. We ended up stumbling upon a fantastic huge field of thick, lush overgrown green grass and squatted for a mini picnic of butter croissants and cheesey sandwiches. I ended up tearing off my croissant-flake-covered skinny jeans and thick wool socks mid hike, to sport only an old AA T-shirt dress and pasty white legs. Although winter is and always will be my most beloved season, it did feel nerdily liberating to skinny down along the heated path and bare a little skin. Here’s to a odd, warm winter’s day (and the coolest dog ever):

Shopping: crop top, wool shark shorts, booties. Check out more FIELD TRIP PICKS.

October 2, 2009

nubby numbers

When I was a wee teen (and I was wee) I inherited a thick, green, wooly, button up sweater from a random friend of my grandma Hilda… a little strange, but anyway, this green sweater was covered in little, balled nubs that I fidgeted with endlessly. It became my favorite, almost good luck sweater, for years to come. I don’t think it was particularly attractive in its bulky, bobbley, old state, but something about it drew me in. I think we all have or have had that special item at some point in our lives that makes us feel warm, cozy and magical all at once. Non? These nubby, chubby numbers had me reminiscing and wondering seriously if it was time to pull out the green monster once again… or perhaps get my fidgety hands on a new magic sweater like one of these, because don’t they just seem a little magical?

knitted pom pom sweater - topshop

knitted pom pom sweater - topshop

marc by marc jacobs - nordstrom

marc by marc jacobs - nordstrom

August 18, 2009

fake leather, zippers and frills

Fake leather, zippers and frills. What a lovely combination! I’m coveting these two pieces…


zip neck ruffle blouse - topshop

silence and noise faux leather jacket - urban

silence and noise faux leather jacket - urban

August 2, 2009

easy breezy mix-n-match

I don’t know about you, but at times, a lighter and airier fabric can make for a lighter and airier me. I love these mix and match navy, black and white pieces. Cowl sleeved tanks and thinly layered fabrics make summertime seem more bearable and just looking at these pieces make me feel cooler.

light and airy

frilled hem swing skirt – topshop, side cowl top –, zip tape pocket tank – topshop, striped burnout skirt –, london rebel woven thong –

July 13, 2009

a declaration of purple and black

Inspired by Sonia Rykiel’s S/S 09 collection, I’ve been dousing my summer wardrobe with bits of purple and black. I think I can officially declare that it’s my new favorite color combination. Do you have a favorite color combo of the moment? Or am I just crazy?

purple&blackstripey silk rugby tee, frill mini skirt, ’80s round face watch, deena & ozzy doorknocker mini bag, bensimon sneaks

July 9, 2009

i dream of jeanie

Although I’m a jeans and Tshirt kind of girl a lot of the time, I don’t especially venture out into different types of jean clothing besides the obvious pant, and I have never been that girl with the cool denim jacket. But today I experienced a jean epiphany! From this day forward (until I change my mind again) I plan to continue wearing jean, but in its alternative form! I love these denim pieces below… perhaps there is still a chance to be that girl with the cool denim jacket.

i dream of jeanie

denim cropped utility jacket, red rose skinny jean, shirred waist tunic, runner hot pants, washed denim bra, washed denim panties.

July 7, 2009

cool visor + tsumori chisato = perfect

While each piece owns its own special reason, this entire equation below, equals something I would love to prance about town in: The hat – because this is the first time a visor has ever looked appealing and by appealing, I mean fantastic. The Alexandar Wang top – because that faux-stud print and flowy, sunny cut is ideal. The seashell shorts – sell me for sure. The scarf – it shows off how impossibly cool you are to be wearing Tsumori Chisato. The Rachel Comey necklace – reminds me of a honeycomb, and the shoes – well, they have 3 little bows on them. What more can I say?

perfect summer ensemble

July 5, 2009

just for the frill of it

I love mixing a subtle girly frill with something super natural and simple. For example: a pink feather boa with sneaks! Nah, not really. Here’s what I really mean:

just for the frill of it

Shopping: topshop, net-a-porter, urban outfitters, pixiemarket

July 4, 2009

welcome to the jungle

I’ve always been a sucker for strange animal related fabric but I don’t mean typical leopard and zebra prints. In college I went through a “fuzzy” phase where every dress I created was made out fuzzy, furry material (never real fur of course). Lately I’ve been attracted to weird jungle prints. There’s something about their quirkiness that fills my infantile needs and makes me laugh. I would def enjoy wearing any of these pieces:

jungle jumper –, spray jungle print bag – topshop, insight animal tee –, insight astral bikini –, jungle skirt – topshop, insight surreal print bikini – topshop

June 26, 2009

summer dresses for broke(ish) lasses

Feeling a bit broke these days and knowing there are others out there who must be feeling it too, I decided to post a bundleful of dresses for under $100. Under $50 would’ve been better, I know, but a few were just too cute to not get slipped in 🙂

Shopping: topshop,, pixiemarket, forever21, shopnastygal, chickdowntown, asos,

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