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December 26, 2009

new bliss prints

Love these new prints from Jill Bliss:
(Also, check out her studio space and her other stuff)

July 4, 2009

POT OF GOLD – disintegration art by laura kicey

This week’s POT OF GOLD award goes to the photo-graphic artist, Laura Kicey. This particular “disintegration” picture is a culmination of blended photographic pieces of walls, windows and doors, all belonging to forgotten, weathered buildings. Kicey resides just outside of Philly but travels all over the place to capture images of abandoned locations. Reminding me of my years spent in Brooklyn, this piece feels like gold to me.

wall art by laura

March 30, 2009

the applique in all its glory

The most awesome scarf in the world is designed by Asli Filinta. This Turkish born, NYC resident, also designs dresses adorned with monkey photos, shirts with outer shoulder-pads that look like pasted on yamuka hats and headwear with sequin appliques. Her entire line is totally inspirational. She even has a website soundtrack that I didn’t race to turn off. Scroll though her complete works of art while grooving out to Beirut, The Walkmen, Magnetic Fields, Bloc Party… (I was on her site for a while).







This last owl applique scarf is for sale at pixiemarket.

March 23, 2009

true bliss

A friend of mine, Jill Bliss, started her own art/craft business a few years ago and the results have been nothing but beautiful. Jill creates paper and found fabric goods from her home in Portland, Oregon. Her craft is very exact as is her research for the perfect, most sustainable product. Her “perfect pocket wallets,” for example, were tested and tried and tried again until they became, well, perfect! Miss Bliss strives to use only found fabric from old sheets and such, print her art work with vegetable based inks and produce only on 100% recycled, chlorine free paper. Her drawings are a mixed world of precise fantasy; intertwined, dreamy plant stems made from deliberate, steady lines and intricate dots. Drawn, crafted, or sewn, each product is a true piece of treasure.

March 22, 2009

Tsumori’s tsunami

Tsumori Chisato‘s spring 09 collection is so consistently saturated with incredible layers of color, fabric and shape, that after viewing her entire collection in one sitting, you can be left feeling slightly overstimulated, as if listening to a playlist of only up-tempo hits.  That said, I haven’t seen a runway this beautiful in a while. In fact each outfit resembles a painting. With mounds of fabric, gathered up skirts, cape-like sleeves and shapes of every kind imaginable, it’s like 10 collection ideas in one collection. If I could nab just one piece for myself to saunter about in the city streets, I would no doubt be queen for a day. Check out the runway shots, then below that, a few simple, wearable, “buyable” pieces.

The bottom three pieces are available at the fantastic bird shop.

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