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June 7, 2011

southern frenchie decor

I’m in such awe of these eclectic and special rooms found via D*S’ Sneak Peak of Myriam Balay-Devidal. From the beautiful mix of color and textiles to the homemade dangling lamps and lack of tidy sterility, it’s just perfect! This one’s going into my future home inspiration vault!

February 12, 2011

little saturday somethings

(Image via HAY)

It’s a beautiful winter’s weekend filled with fun packed little details, including shopping in the city, funny-bad dumpling noodle soup, a grocery shop ignored, and instead a beer drank. Etc.

We just got back from walking our dog to my favorite spot, the Williamsburg pier. Do you have any favorite walking spots? I’d love to know about them. Well it’s time for dinner so I’ll leave you with a few links from around the web:

We went to eat a yummy Brooklyn brunch here.

A friend from the lovely apartment diet introduced me to a new awesome home decor blog called Bloesem.

Dying over these bed linens.

The cutest framed artwork.

Settling down with Netflix tonight to watch this movie.

The perfect rainy day accessory: a goggle umbrella! via black eiffel

January 22, 2011

a collection of frames

I would love to recreate this kind of miss-matchy framed mess (via west elm)… especially love the frames on a string. Of course it couldn’t hurt to have those iron and white washed brick wall details to compliment the look.

August 31, 2010

sloping roofs and built-in bookshelves

If I ever buy a place with a beautiful sloping roof like this one, I will build shelves just like that.

via skonahem, via apartment diet.

August 17, 2010

free books

Today I noticed a growing trend of FREE BOOKS tucked in boxes left on the streets of Manhattan. It was after I read this article about trading in all your possessions and going completely digital. I consider myself to be a huge minimalist – to the point where I need to remember how to keep a place warm and cozy, yet my book collection is still growing. I snagged a few books and now it’s time to expand the wine-crate shelf space… or figure out something else. Something like this maybe? Minimal AND warm! Photos via apartment diet.

January 26, 2010

new place, new start, new decor

While I’m gearing up for our huge move back to the states in a couple of months, I’m also eyeing home decor everywhere. Since we’re looking to buy an apartment all I can think of is: new start, new home, new color, new warmth. My favorite nearby restaurant, called Puah, has the most beautiful eclectic decor. Each table, table cloth, plate and glass is unique and vintage. It’s styled down to the flower vase, knife and fork. I have to take pictures next time we go because I think that place will be my inspiration.

I regrettably didn’t do anything nice with our apartment here in the Middle East. It’s quite pretty on it’s own too… has very unique old sliding eastern doors, a great new kitchen and creamy tones all over. For our next place, I plan to add tons of color and warmth; maybe starting with this floral, smear-dyed duvet cover & sham set. But I’m a sucker for any pretty bed linens.

March 27, 2009

digging danish

I appreciate a lot of different home decor flavors but I always find myself drawn back to Danish modern style furniture. I love it for the solid yet unassuming wood and the clean, smooth lines. The authentic stuff you find in vintage shops by folks like Paul McCobb will usually run you up into an uncomfortable bill. If you don’t care who’s name is on it and just like the look, Urban Outfitters is a pretty good place to start. For the past few years, they have been remaking the danish modern style into pretty affordable, desirable pieces. It’s nice to know that you can find a cool couch for under $500 without having to succumb to a bright blue Ikea thing that will most likely be thrown out in a year or two. Not to knock Ikea… I had that awesome bright blue coach not long ago, and I loved it for those 2 years. So, to continue on under my dwell spell, here are a few pics of inexpensive furniture I wouldn’t mind using to dress up my apartment.

March 26, 2009

home ec

I just spent the last two days ignoring my blog, ignoring fashion all together, because it was all making me become a little too obsessed. During my fashion time-out I occupied my thoughts elsewhere… home decor. Decorno got me thinking about all sorts of new homey things. It “helps” that I’m unemployed and spend 98% of my day at home now (lending 2% to splurging on yummy brunches out with my dog and frequent trips to American Apparel). One day I will own a home of my own and Decorno’s blog helps me develop that imaginary place into a cozy little hub that’s well thought out with colorful walls and quality furniture. If I start my home decor education now, I should be an expert by the time I earn the right to paint my very own walls. Five very simple things I envision right now for a place to call my own:

1) One exposed brick wall (as long as it doesn’t attract bacteria – I have slight germaphobic tendencies)

2) Color everywhere

3) A bathtub (a great bathtub)

4) A refurbished kitchen

5) Wood floors (of course)

Maybe something a bit like this?




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