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July 5, 2009

just for the frill of it

I love mixing a subtle girly frill with something super natural and simple. For example: a pink feather boa with sneaks! Nah, not really. Here’s what I really mean:

just for the frill of it

Shopping: topshop, net-a-porter, urban outfitters, pixiemarket

June 3, 2009

romper roundup finale

It’s time for our final romper roundup. I had decided during romper roundup 3.0 that I would continue posting roundups until the summer heat settled in. Not sure about where you are, but it is definitely summer over in this part of the world. Desert sand storms have rolled in and created thick, hot, opaque air. So, here are some cheery rompers to stomp around the hot town in. If you want to check out previous romper roundups go here.

My favorite is the Free People peacock playsuit…

Shopping: dessous – bijou apparel, atlantic – nastygal, missoni – net-a-porter, free people –, hawks –, sophie hulme – pixiemarket, zimmermann – revolve clothing, vanessa bruno – net-a-porter, anna sui – net-a-porter

May 6, 2009

on cloud stella

I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for infantile fabric prints (sheep, animals in general, pastels, whatever), so one glance at Stella McCartney’s airy cloud motifs had me floating. Even the pieces that aren’t cloud adorned have a certain soft, airy, summery feel to them. The tees are made of organic cotton and the color palette is that of the sky – pale blues and creams. Net-A-Porter recently posted a huge tribute to this line, “Stella and Sir Peter,” and even hold exclusivity on some of the garb.

shopping on net-a-porter

shopping on net-a-porter

March 21, 2009

Romper Roundup

In my search for the perfect short jumper, my lazy self conjured up an image of a one-piece that I could throw on almost daily without much effort involved. It would be a my-hair-has-just-been-frizzly-blow-dried romper, as well a morning-after brunch romper. In other words, a chameleon onesie. I know I set myself up with somewhat high expectations, and this is probably why I don’t actually have a large wardrobe. But personality disorder aside and lasso in hand, I rounded up some grade A rompers. I seem to have found a different romper for each occasion but alas, not THE romper for every occasion. At least not one within my wallet’s reach. But oh, these are pretty!

Rompers by Church and State, Samantha Pleet, Karen Zambos, Twenty8Twelve, Vena Cava, Young, Fabulous and Broke, Motel, C&C California

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