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January 28, 2010

pixiemarket sweep

I love pixiemarket’s fetchingly unmatching ensembles. They always manage to do such a good job of making me want everything on the model. Here’s my favorite up top. Oh and check out how awesome the back of the stripey shirt is, never mind the “beatrice booties” underneath:

roman skirt

shirt location unknown

beatrice booties

January 2, 2010

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ warm winters day

It was a bright, summery winters (2010) day here in the middle east so we took the dog out of the city for a much needed hike. We ended up stumbling upon a fantastic huge field of thick, lush overgrown green grass and squatted for a mini picnic of butter croissants and cheesey sandwiches. I ended up tearing off my croissant-flake-covered skinny jeans and thick wool socks mid hike, to sport only an old AA T-shirt dress and pasty white legs. Although winter is and always will be my most beloved season, it did feel nerdily liberating to skinny down along the heated path and bare a little skin. Here’s to a odd, warm winter’s day (and the coolest dog ever):

Shopping: crop top, wool shark shorts, booties. Check out more FIELD TRIP PICKS.

September 15, 2009

hide in this hoodie

When I was younger and feeling a bit antisocial (as I have been known to be),  I used to feel more secure and hidden when my hoodie was pulled up.  I haven’t hooded in a while but this plaid hoodie-scarf looks like a great, warm place to hide if I ever feel the urge again… and isn’t it just beautiful?

plaid hoodie scarf pixiemarket

September 8, 2009

best dressed

Feeling a little uninspired lately, I wondered over to knowing they would have something to pull me out of this funk. Indeed they did. A whole new batch of funk puller outers were just uploaded. Here are my faves. I love the star shaped, neckline detail of this first number. The classic Pixiemarket accessorizing on the model doesn’t hurt either…

star dress pixiemarket

ruffle polka dot dress pixiemarket

navy sailor dress pixiemarket

August 9, 2009

not-even-close-to-winter tights

It’s at least 90 degrees here every day and the last thing I’m thinking about is pulling on a pair of thick, black, stud adorned tights, but these tights over at Pixiemarket make me want to crank the air to 68 and dance around the house. There are a bunch of crazy, studly tights over at Pixiemarket, but these are by far my favorite. Reminding me of my old, pantomime, dancing days, meet The Carousel Tights.


July 17, 2009

POT OF GOLD – stringy dress

My Pot of Gold this week is a cocoon shaped mini dress with dangling strings and padded shoulders. I love the simple structure of this dress, paired with the big mess at the front. It looks really fun to wear about and with all those laces hanging right at fingertip length, I would always have something to do with my hands! No accessorizing needed, I present the adm2012 padded shoulder dress from pixiemarket:

pad shoulder dress pixiemarket

July 5, 2009

just for the frill of it

I love mixing a subtle girly frill with something super natural and simple. For example: a pink feather boa with sneaks! Nah, not really. Here’s what I really mean:

just for the frill of it

Shopping: topshop, net-a-porter, urban outfitters, pixiemarket

June 26, 2009

summer dresses for broke(ish) lasses

Feeling a bit broke these days and knowing there are others out there who must be feeling it too, I decided to post a bundleful of dresses for under $100. Under $50 would’ve been better, I know, but a few were just too cute to not get slipped in 🙂

Shopping: topshop,, pixiemarket, forever21, shopnastygal, chickdowntown, asos,

June 23, 2009

grey matter

Another way of easy dressing without looking lazy, is utilizing the color grey! Grey is so underrated. A few key, grey pieces and you’re pretty much set because almost every color goes well with grey (except brown, in my book)… and of course, black is like grey’s older sister. Here are some of my favorites.

grey matter

Shopping: pixiemarket, opening ceremony,,, topshop

May 28, 2009

todays faves

My pixie market pics from the new arrivals batch… I think I need this romper.


romper by Liquorish

diamond print dress

diamond print dress by Liquorish

x open back dress by Motel

x open back dress by Motel

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