About mosey

Born in England, raised mostly in the States, stopping in the Middle East, now living in Brooklyn, NY, I live a somewhat mobile life. As a result of this, I try to maintain a simple, uncluttered environment. I do, however, have a somewhat hefty obsession with textiles, fashion, craft and housewares. So, this blog will be a journey of my online hunt… it will hold and nurture my internal fashion clutter. I hope you enjoy it!


12 Comments to “About mosey”

  1. Loved it! Thanks Mosey…Asli

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize you were such into fashion. Great looking blog! …fashionable

  3. Mosey,
    saw your post on design sponge. Thanks for the nice comment. If you are moving to Brooklyn, just a note that the apt is for sale through Corcoran group right now.

    All the best,

  4. אפשר בעברית?
    איזה אתר קולי ומ ג נ י ב !!! מיד שלחתי לכל החברות שלי (לשתיהן)
    העיצוב של האתר מעולה והדברים בפנים, פשוט – כמה קולים אפשר להיות?
    הפוסט הפייבוריטי שלנו: הכריות חיות. מצחיק ומקסים. יאיר ואני כבר סימנו לנו כרית: של הפיגוו’ין. אבל הפוסט הכי מצחיק: המכנסיים הקצרים עם הגזרה הגבוהה.
    נשיקות. בואו אלינו, מתי ניפגש?

  5. Hooo, I just wrote this really long and funny comment in simple Hebrew, just to find out ones I sent it that it won’t take Hebrew. Ho well, Will try my best to write in my min-mistake English.
    Dear, your site is like the coolest! I sent it immediately to all my friends (the 2 of theme) and we love it! Keep going.
    The design of the site is spectacular and we loved the pillow post. Hooo and the really short shorts with the high waist, so funny, though it’s really late now and practically everything is funny. wow my speller marked the whole text red. Well this will probably be why I will comment less then frequent. Love & kisses

  6. I beg to differ. Tel Aviv fashion and Israeli fashion in general is slowly climbing and improving. There’s a lot of untapped potential there.

  7. Best kept secret 😉 Love the blog!

  8. loving the new design (and think I should hire you to write my “about” 🙂

  9. wonderful, amazing blog

  10. I just stopped at your blog and looooooooove it!! it’s very beautiful all the photos you post.
    My name is Nadine and I’m an media mixed artist and designer, painting, engraving printing… all in visual arts. Some time ago I started screen printing fabrics for some friends and little by little started a small growing bussiness, ” Texturas Urbanas” ( urban textures” because I base some design on textures I find in the streets) based on my art pieces doing pillow, tablecloths, tea towells, linnen for the home. As I worked as a graphic designer after finishing my studies, I re-design my art work to make them simple and be able to print it. y would like to share with you my blog
    ( I do my best to post in english and spanish)
    my shop

    my art journal

    and my Esty shop

  11. Hi mosey, just discovered your blog and loved it!!so much inspiration and beauty. i understand you lived in Israel, i wonder if you are still here.
    i’d love to share with you my photography on http://yaelilanblog.com/
    i’m also the co-founder of The Jerusalem Fever Boutique, a place where you can find the best stuff available at the old city of jerusalem and around http://www.jerusalem-fever.net/
    i’ll be so happy if you gave us a visit.

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