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October 29, 2009

natural causes?

I had been a fan of Rachel Comey for a while, but felt a little betrayed today after I was confronted by this thing. I suppose its “Baby Alpaca Fur, all died of natural causes,” note is a decent attempt at justifying the offense but I’m still not happy about it. Am I alone in this disappointment?


July 7, 2009

cool visor + tsumori chisato = perfect

While each piece owns its own special reason, this entire equation below, equals something I would love to prance about town in: The hat – because this is the first time a visor has ever looked appealing and by appealing, I mean fantastic. The Alexandar Wang top – because that faux-stud print and flowy, sunny cut is ideal. The seashell shorts – sell me for sure. The scarf – it shows off how impossibly cool you are to be wearing Tsumori Chisato. The Rachel Comey necklace – reminds me of a honeycomb, and the shoes – well, they have 3 little bows on them. What more can I say?

perfect summer ensemble

June 23, 2009

grey matter

Another way of easy dressing without looking lazy, is utilizing the color grey! Grey is so underrated. A few key, grey pieces and you’re pretty much set because almost every color goes well with grey (except brown, in my book)… and of course, black is like grey’s older sister. Here are some of my favorites.

grey matter

Shopping: pixiemarket, opening ceremony,,, topshop

May 29, 2009

espadrille inspired

I’ve never been a huge fan of espadrilles. I bought a pair of red wedges at mini market in Brooklyn a few years back and only ended up wearing them once… which was on the day that I bought them. In a recent craze of getting rid of the unnecessaries, I threw them out. That’s okay. Perhaps I can replace them with Tsumori Chisato’s version of the espadrille. My friends, meet Tsumori Chisato’s purple flower espadrille sandals. I think they would match perfectly with my pale purple AA getup and these pretty little Rachel Comey hair pins.

hairpins and sandals - Refinery29, mini dress - American Apparel

hairpins and sandals - Refinery29, mini dress - American Apparel

Shopping: Refinery29 & American Apparel

April 25, 2009

jumelle’s my jam

Lately, I’ve been looking around, not for clothing, but for clothing inspiration. Since I’m jobless, I’ve been banging around on my sewing machine, creating a few key pieces for my own spring/summer wardrobe. Today I checked back on a shop I always liked, called Jumelle and was happy to come across their new “spring in bloom” selections. Here are my faves (I love that crazy belt and the casual, slingy shape of the marble romper).

April 23, 2009

oxford street style

I once knew a girl in ’97 who always wore jazz shoes. We called her “Jazz Shoe Girl” (very original). Although I sort of snickered behind her back with my friends, I secretly envied her for her courage to wear dance shoes out on the street. Maybe the others did also. Flash forward to 2005 and I’m sitting at a Middle Eastern bar with my BF, and his friend’s wife is wearing a pair of black men’s oxfords. She was ahead of the game and I wasn’t ready for them. Here they are now, all over the place, and I’m just now beginning to accept them… especially those solo patent Mauds. (That’s right S!)


patent jazz - Labor of Love - farfetch

watercolor brogues - Paul Smith - farfetch

watercolor brogues - Paul Smith - farfetch

solo patent - Maud - pixiemarket

solo patent - Maud - pixiemarket

andy color brogues - Paul Smith - farfetch

candy color brogues - Paul Smith - farfetch

derringer classic - Rachel Comey - shopbird

derringer classic - Rachel Comey - shopbird

jimmy 1 S***R farfetch

jimmy 1 - S***R - farfetch

Shop these oxfords at farfetch and pixiemarket.

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