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August 31, 2011

diy bangle

Great new use for an old ugly bangle. Via the style files.

August 31, 2011

painted pallets and pale palettes

Nice pallet! Ingredients: found pallet, home depot wheels, off-white paint, books/magazines, vintage candle stick, framed minimalist art.

via the beautiful soup via hegegreenall

August 31, 2011

cozy cool

mmm… cozy… rustic.
Hanging caged bulb, warm smooth candle bowl on scruffy wood, an inviting pillow patch and a thick, tactile rug for bare feet.

via beautiful soup via la dolce vita

August 29, 2011

our hurricane weekend

We’ve been bunkering in the apartment all weekend – hiding away from Hurricane Irene. But then we woke up Sunday morning wondering if it had even hit us, as our street was almost completely clean of debris (not that I’m complaining!) Anyway during our lock-in we baked choco chip cookies, made a big warm veggie soup and watched Office Space (one of our faves) for like the 100th time. Have you seen it?

I also had plenty of time to mosey around other blogs, so here you go…

5 fun things from around the web:

1. Some couch pillow inspiration.

2. Instant smile when listening to this Summer morning mix via Elizabeth Antonia.

3. Black summer

4. Get lost inside these vintage summer snapshots.

5. Say Something Nice

August 26, 2011

paint on wood

Today I’m loving these simple paintings on salvage wood by You Sentimental Idiot found via poppytalk. Might sound crass but they remind me a bit of the Mad Men opening graphics…

August 24, 2011

paint dress

I’m attending (and performing a song in) an upcoming wedding for a friend and have been snooping around online for a cute dress that won’t clash with their amusement park red/white/blueish theme. It’s been hard. But then I saw this girl wearing an awesome paint dress on closet visit and thought ‘That’s it! That’s the dress I need!’ YES! Click on the pic and see how pretty it is.

Er… then I looked at it over on Wren where the dress was baggily modeled, and felt puzzled for a while… wah wah

I decided to believe that it would fit me as well as it does on the girl in the top photo, and so I took the plunge and clicked BUY. Obviously I’ll need to find a red belt & a cute clutch.

Have you ever had this problem of seeing a dress one place and it looks fabulous – then seeing it online and second guessing it? Fingers crossed that it fits my small physique!

August 20, 2011

bed nook with pinecone-ish wallpaper

What a cozy little bed nook! Found this as an ‘after’ by my new favorite Design Star, Emily Henderson, while nerding around the HGTV website. I love the color choices, the pattern mixing, the small cluster of framed butterflies and the super cute wallpaper. I’d love to dive in and hide behind that little wall. By the way, lately I’ve been thinking about painting our bedroom a light grey color. There must be 1000’s of greys out there – can anyone recommend the perfect grey paint?

August 5, 2011

summer’s not over

Summer has at least another month or two to rear it’s blazing heat, but doesn’t it feel that pressure from its seasonal peers to finish its song and dance? It has to at least hear my whining and sweaty suffering.
Er anyway, here’s to a graceful transition… Swiss braids, lightweight fabrics and serious black & whites.

Swiss braids, aztec hosiery, tortoise shell sunglasses, zigzag dress, white linen belt, white cotton dress, stripy bag.

August 5, 2011

happy weekend

A weekend for me is Friday & Saturday because I work for an Israeli company. At first I thought it might be difficult to have a different weekend from everyone else but actually it has turned out to be quite the opposite. Friday, as it turns out, is the perfect day to frolic around the city without having to worry about dodging lots of crampy foot traffic. Moseyman and I decided to spend today in Central Park – I think we haven’t been since we left NYC 4 years ago so it was a real treat.

We started the day off by filling up on my homemade banana-blueberry pancakes.

I managed to make them without being too mushy or too burnt!

Then it was off to row boats in Central Park. We took turns rowing and ducking into the nooks for shade breaks.

We tried making friends with a snobby sunbather.

Then decided to have a junk food picnic at the foot of a shady hill.

Now Moseyman is passed out on the couch (I’ll spare him that photo) and I’m about to scrub 5 layers of sunblock off.
We had a lovely day… hope you had one too!

August 2, 2011

things to look forward to

It’s still the week’s beginning but I’m already looking forward to this weekend. (I need more sleep.) But tonight I’m attending a company dinner (I work for this company), and I’m kind of excited to go and eat amazing food. Because we always get treated to amazing food.

More things I’m looking forward to:

Visiting Florida’s warm summer rainstorms:

Checking out my sister’s home summer school idea in person!

Going to the cutest wedding ever in Glen Echo’s Amusement Park (Maryland/DC):

Are you all looking forward to anything special at summer’s end?

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