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February 6, 2012

textile love

Love these textile designs… what an amazingly cool lamp shade. Found on Design Files.

June 22, 2009


Some essentials for a relaxing, breezy, summer weekend spent at home…

homeyoctopus pillow – anthropologie, hable construction gardening gloves – anthropologie, macrame owl – urban outfitters, deer rug – urban outfitters, whale pillow – anthropologie, tea towel – anthropologie, art bowls – anthropologie, laundry basket – hable construction, bontanicals butterflies and insects – anthropologie

May 8, 2009

the brown mousey

Rachel Salomon, fellow pillow contributor to Urban Outfitters, produces a beautiful array of mixed media art that moves beyond just awesome couch adornments. She has designed graphics for everything, from tees and print art, to CD’s and snowboards. Her inspiration is derived from “spending afternoons with her grandmother” and being surrounded by antiques and illustrated story books.

rachel salomon

May 4, 2009

seeing black and white

I’m a total color fiend, but lately I’ve noticed that there are some black and white doodads with real appeal. So… here are my black and white bedroom pics.

Shopping: Indo feather rug, tribal curtain, trees pillowcase and bird hamper – urban outfitters ~ k studio birds pillow – designpublic ~ air balloon wall graphics – householdwords

April 25, 2009

hello pillow – sweet salvor fauna!

Staying home this weekend has put me in major homemaker mode and designpublic is making me lose my mind. Remember my creature shaped pillow post a little while back? Here’s a fantastic new edition to that pillow roundup. Prepare for this hefty collection, by Ross Menuez for Salvor Fauna. Made in Brooklyn, and only $24 a pop (for medium size), there’s a pillow here for everyone.

April 17, 2009

pillowy goodness

I’m stuffed with smooshy love for these new, bold, graphic pillows by Alyssa Zukas. This self taught artist has been designing for stores like Urban Outfitters and stylish, Jewish paraphernalia company, Notschlock. She goes by the pseudonym Two String Jane and subscribes to the idea of creating “designs that are wearable and pairable.” She works across many forms of media, from painting to sculpture to houseware design. Check out her latest and greatest (all available at Urban Outfitters):

star pillow $48

star pillow $48

lightning pillow $48

lightning pillow $48

heart pillow $48

heart pillow $48

this is my favorite

this is my favorite

April 7, 2009

learning with lena

Oooo wah! It’s likely I’m late to the game, but I just discovered the gem that is Lena Corwin. This ex San Franciscan, now Brooklynite, is a textile designer, illustrator, author and teacher. She not only sells her beautiful work, including team Mociun + Corwin, for affordable prices on her site, but she’s also teaching a hand printing workshop in her own Brooklyn apartment. If you don’t know her yet, you must check her out.


April 2, 2009

hello pillow!

Stuffed animals or creature shaped pillows? The somewhat recent trend in couch pillows presents a fine line between the two. But who cares, they’re pretty rad and I wouldn’t mind throwing a few whales on my couch. What do you think will be the next couch pillow trend? What about “waterpillows”… like an 80’s waterbed only it’s a waterpillow? 🙂






The owl pillow is by Lolley for etsy, the whale pillow and the squirrel pillow are on and both monster pillows were created by creature online for etsy.

UPDATE: new, amazing creature pillow installment here!

March 16, 2009

i <3 sheets

While moseyman was away, camping in the desert, I had been squatting in squalor. It’s barely an exaggeration, I had been shamefully lazy and had let the house become something he wouldn’t have recognized when he got back. Luckily, during my lowest point of procrastination, I found some sweet nuggets of online bed and bath inspiration. So in the nick of time, I whipped up a cleaning doozie and even added some fresh cut flowers to the kitchen! Still not picture worthy though, here instead, are a few of the images that willed me to turn on the vacuum.

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