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October 30, 2010

totem mini dress

dress: cool or creepy?

May 22, 2010

farmer’s market day

…In the mood for a prance around the park and the farmers market. It’s time to buy that bunch of peonies before they disappear! And finally… would love to sport this outfit to match my mood – love this flattering Duskin dress, but would have to pair it with the awesome, distressed boat shoes and the APC toggle (I ❤ toggles) closed bag to balance out the girliness.

June 23, 2009

grey matter

Another way of easy dressing without looking lazy, is utilizing the color grey! Grey is so underrated. A few key, grey pieces and you’re pretty much set because almost every color goes well with grey (except brown, in my book)… and of course, black is like grey’s older sister. Here are some of my favorites.

grey matter

Shopping: pixiemarket, opening ceremony,,, topshop

June 14, 2009

black neon or peach ice cream?

Today I was feeling a bit blah so I threw on a skirt and a frilly shirt then balanced it out with my fuchsia canvas skips and voila. An instant cheery upper. But just a week earlier I was feeling too frilly and girly and had to figure out how to toughen it up a bit, if you know what I mean. I decided to collage these nerdy feelings into a reflection collection. Black Neon vs. Peach Ice Cream! Do you usually feel like a black neon or a peach ice cream? Or do you go through phases like I do?





Shopping includes: shopnastygal,, monster commerce

May 29, 2009

espadrille inspired

I’ve never been a huge fan of espadrilles. I bought a pair of red wedges at mini market in Brooklyn a few years back and only ended up wearing them once… which was on the day that I bought them. In a recent craze of getting rid of the unnecessaries, I threw them out. That’s okay. Perhaps I can replace them with Tsumori Chisato’s version of the espadrille. My friends, meet Tsumori Chisato’s purple flower espadrille sandals. I think they would match perfectly with my pale purple AA getup and these pretty little Rachel Comey hair pins.

hairpins and sandals - Refinery29, mini dress - American Apparel

hairpins and sandals - Refinery29, mini dress - American Apparel

Shopping: Refinery29 & American Apparel

May 28, 2009

todays faves

My pixie market pics from the new arrivals batch… I think I need this romper.


romper by Liquorish

diamond print dress

diamond print dress by Liquorish

x open back dress by Motel

x open back dress by Motel

May 25, 2009

summer sewin

I went through a sewing phase last month and made a few summer pieces for myself. I still don’t have a new digi camera and only just used moseyman’s old camera phone so I apologize for the extremely crappy pics. The first getup is a romper I sewed together using way too many scraps of an old psychedelic thrift dress. This was definitely an experiment and I may try it again knowing what I know now. The next is my yellow “fin shirt.” I knew I wanted something light with an awesome exposed zipper so I found this cute, yellow, bargain bin fabric at the market and bought a contrasting peachy-pink zipper with brass teeth from an old, dusty notions vendor. I only decided to sew “fins” (vague ruffles) along the side seams after I had already sewn the thing together. Seam ripping was worth it though, it’s a fun one to wear. The green dress was actually the first one I made from this group. I was craving something new, bright and easy to throw on at the time. This was a quickie but I like it. The last top is a bit of a mess. It looked cool at first finish with the “epaulets” but it’s not surviving washes very well because I’m too lazy to finish the inside guts. Anyway, as a whole, I’m fairly pleased with my new mini collection for myself and will probably continue to experiment a little more with zippers and whatnot.


phychadelic romper


fin shirt


stripey shift

epaulet top

epaulet top

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May 15, 2009

beyond cool

My new favorite online shop is Beyond the Valley. This started as a clothing brand by 3 London girls who later turned it all into a shop of morers (like horrors except more? ummm, sorry, I just swallowed some hard core headache meds…). I’ll stop here and post my faves. Then you need to skedaddle on over there!

beyond the valley jacket

beyond the valley jacket

karini andreasson head-dress

karin andreasson head-dress

jojo and malou face dress

jojo and malou face dress

twig usb stick

twig usb stick

May 13, 2009

today’s inspiration

One thing I’ve never been very good at, is accessorizing. I have always taken the “chic and simplistic” approach to my dressing style, or at least that’s what I told myself. I think that may have been an excuse for just not really knowing what to do. I recently came into possession of about 5 new belts given to me by my mother-in-law. That may sound like a bad thing, but she actually has really fantastic style and she buys the majority of her wardrobe while traveling in Paris and other exotic locations. So now… with these new strange options, at least once a week, I find myself in mid-outfit assemblance, trying on the same 5 belts. Will this one work? How about this one? Hmm, maybe this one? Moseyman sees me from the other room and gives me the “?” look. To get to my point… I just decided this minute, that it doesn’t really matter. I saw a picture today on Pixiemarket that will forever (or at least for the next week or so) be my inspiration for accessory disfunction disjunction. To put it simply, I like this girl’s look. I like the weird, pouch purse. I like the tough, red, wrist cuff and the pretty little belt. I love the dress and the braided hair. It’s not perfect and that’s why it’s perfect.



April 14, 2009

the nature of branquinho

Veronique Branquinho’s S/S 09 collection is a mastering of the luxurious, nature inspired, paperbag dress. This Belgian designer created a few beautiful summer looks with draping hooded fabric, that reminded me a bit of Bedouin wear… a look I’ve been more interested in since I just returned from the desert. But what I’m really fascinated with, are the pieces printed with nature murals.

The bottom row are my two favorites, which are available at I love the detail of the front zipper and the canvas loop belt!

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