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August 31, 2010

sloping roofs and built-in bookshelves

If I ever buy a place with a beautiful sloping roof like this one, I will build shelves just like that.

via skonahem, via apartment diet.

August 29, 2010

new dress + reader’s discount = sweet!

Yay, I love my new dress! The lovely folks over at Shabby Apple sent me a beautiful magenta lawn dress this week. Thank you Jackie, it’s a perfect fit. Shabby Apple recently launched their website which showcases a sweet selection of pretty women’s dresses. They also carry aprons, accessories, kids clothes and modest one-piece & two-piece swim suits, which take on a kind of 1950’s vibe. I love this swim suit. Shabby Apple is also offering you guys 10% OFF on all their merch. Just enter this coupon code at the checkout: moseyblog10off

A couple of pics of the dress below – sorry they’re super shitty and dark…

August 27, 2010

the great shoe experiment

I’ve been slowly working new shoe looks (including the scary heel) into my every-now-and-then day attire. I would have never worn red wedges with jeans so comfortably this time last year or even tried to wear 3.5 inch mint green heels. So I’d like to officially declare that I am turning my nose up at no shoe. Well, I’ll try not to. First order of business: fall wedges.
rachel comey – silver wedges

Jcrew – Mara zip wedges

August 24, 2010

ever since dawson’s creek

I still like Katie Holmes. Even if she is married to Tom Cruise. And The Romantics looks half way decent:

August 24, 2010

i love sequin

whoa. sequin pants. at jcrew?

August 23, 2010

packaging on $0

In my last post I mentioned putting together a NYC back to school package for my 7 year old niece who lives in Florida and I really wanted to make the packaging special in some way. I didn’t have much to work with in my craft box and I didn’t have much time to fiddle around, so I decided to create special little tags for some of the items I got for her. Ex: Magic Fairy Power Bracelet, and Princess Avery Hair Clips. Here are a few pics of the outcome:

August 22, 2010

nyc auntie

I still remember the packages my great aunt – the cool one who lived in NYC – used to send us just before school started. She would buy us all these great “New York” clothes that we actually desperately needed, but also always included funny written notes adorned with colorful stickers and stamps. Everything she sent was so exciting to pull apart and discover.

Today I had the pleasure of continuing her tradition – playing the “cool NYC aunt.” I went back to school shopping for my 7 year old niece. It took me over an hour to decide on the pinkest, sparkliest bits and bobs I could find at H&M. As far as the package notes and stickers go… my craft box is a little depleted and I’ll have to really use my imagination when it comes to wrapping. While looking around for inspiration (mostly on Decor8) I rediscovered these special tapes from Uguisu:

August 20, 2010

why do we love our initials?

Initial necklaces. Want to wear some wood? There’s one for all of us.

August 18, 2010

meet your new free office space

A FREE, large workspace, called the Wix Lounge, just opened in Manhattan, near Union Square. It’s there for artists, web/graphic designers, photographers, business connoisseurs, creative minds, etc. who want to get out of their stuffy apartment and into a beautiful loft environment, where they can work (free wi-fi), hold meetings or just hang out, without having to buy a coffee. In fact the Wix Lounge offers free cappuccinos, plenty of comfy couches, work tables, photo studio space, weekly industry lectures, art school movie night classics (Helvetica was screened last week), networking soirees and more! Unlike other work spaces, such as 3rd Ward, everything at the Wix Lounge is completely free. LOVE.

Their next open mixer is actually tomorrow (THURS Aug. 19) 7-10 PM. More info here

Wix Lounge

August 17, 2010

free books

Today I noticed a growing trend of FREE BOOKS tucked in boxes left on the streets of Manhattan. It was after I read this article about trading in all your possessions and going completely digital. I consider myself to be a huge minimalist – to the point where I need to remember how to keep a place warm and cozy, yet my book collection is still growing. I snagged a few books and now it’s time to expand the wine-crate shelf space… or figure out something else. Something like this maybe? Minimal AND warm! Photos via apartment diet.

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