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September 26, 2009


If you’ve been longing for a place to hide away and chirp in, but can’t afford your own custom made tree nest, this might be just the right kind getaway for you.  Located in no other state but the beautiful Oregon and hidden away safely in the trees, you can book a relaxing stay at the “Treesort.”

No spa bookings available here, but you may sign up for a course on how to build a tree house. Book your own Treesort here.



September 25, 2009

walking in a bootie wonderland

A calm, inexpensive, yet kick-ass and easy-to-wear alternative to the ice skate booties, I present you Seychelles lace up Stormy Weathers. Ahhh, I can smell the fresh, crisp winter air rolling in already…

seychelles boot

seychelles boot2

September 24, 2009

feathers gone right

From Freckle Farm‘s nuptial, feathered hair piece, to a fluffy, shoulder-perched friend, these are two inspiring feathered looks I am excited to chirp about. eh heh…


feather shoulder top pixiemarket

September 23, 2009

a good sweater is hard to find

I think that’s what Ms Flannery O’Connor really meant…

Each winter I struggle to find the perfect winter sweater. There’s a delicate balance between finding something warm and finding something flattering. Obey is not a label I normally pay much attention to but I think its new winter sweaters do a great job achieving that warm and flattering balance. Check out these great, new cozy shapes.

obey sweater black

obey sweater grey

obey sweater3

September 20, 2009

more tsumori

Still pining over Tsumori Chisato… These sweet tops could definitely add a boost of excitement to the current, stale state of my wardrobe.

tsumori chisato top shopbirdtsumori chisato french bateau shirttsumori chisato top bird

September 18, 2009


I think I may have found my next pair of winter booties


September 15, 2009

hide in this hoodie

When I was younger and feeling a bit antisocial (as I have been known to be),  I used to feel more secure and hidden when my hoodie was pulled up.  I haven’t hooded in a while but this plaid hoodie-scarf looks like a great, warm place to hide if I ever feel the urge again… and isn’t it just beautiful?

plaid hoodie scarf pixiemarket

September 8, 2009

best dressed

Feeling a little uninspired lately, I wondered over to knowing they would have something to pull me out of this funk. Indeed they did. A whole new batch of funk puller outers were just uploaded. Here are my faves. I love the star shaped, neckline detail of this first number. The classic Pixiemarket accessorizing on the model doesn’t hurt either…

star dress pixiemarket

ruffle polka dot dress pixiemarket

navy sailor dress pixiemarket

September 3, 2009

POT OF GOLD – the perfect fall coat

I wish I lived in a place cold enough to sport this beautiful Kimchi & Blue coat:

kimchiblue coat



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