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December 4, 2009

marimekko color explosion

I’ve always had a thing for Marimekko‘s bold explosions of color. And after a long, bleak, day, cooped up indoors, a jolt of color is just what I need…

September 8, 2009

best dressed

Feeling a little uninspired lately, I wondered over to knowing they would have something to pull me out of this funk. Indeed they did. A whole new batch of funk puller outers were just uploaded. Here are my faves. I love the star shaped, neckline detail of this first number. The classic Pixiemarket accessorizing on the model doesn’t hurt either…

star dress pixiemarket

ruffle polka dot dress pixiemarket

navy sailor dress pixiemarket

June 26, 2009

summer dresses for broke(ish) lasses

Feeling a bit broke these days and knowing there are others out there who must be feeling it too, I decided to post a bundleful of dresses for under $100. Under $50 would’ve been better, I know, but a few were just too cute to not get slipped in 🙂

Shopping: topshop,, pixiemarket, forever21, shopnastygal, chickdowntown, asos,

June 12, 2009

pretty in print

Bloomies is carrying a huge quantity of beautiful, printed, summer, party dresses that seem perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. Here are just a few goodies from their selection.

June 11, 2009

50’s anglomania

I love Vivienne Westwood’s recent Anglomania collection, especially the relaxed, 50’s style, belted dresses! They’re super classy:


May 3, 2009

decked in BIG check

I like the check, you might like the check, but this summer designers really like the check. They like it big. I’m not talking the usual plaid that comes around and around, I mean the graphical crossing of hatches. The technique of the moment sums up to a large paint brush running haphazardly across silk fabric. During my online hunt for the hatch, I found some strangely similar looks going on out there. One might even suspect this triplet to be blood related!



Tsumori Chisato

Tsumori Chisato

Bernhard Willhelm

Bernhard Willhelm

April 28, 2009

pill or pollock?

Once again, I feel as though I’m looking at beautiful paintings when browsing the Spring/Summer 09 collections. This time, they are the works of Cathy Pill. Her runway models look as though they were wrapped in chiffon, shipped off to the beach, rolled around in sand and splattered with paint and bleach. In a good way!  I love the light, airy, delicacy of the fabric but the seriousness of the images projected. Pill is a Belgian born newbie. She burst onto the scene three years ago in Paris and her works continuously reflect an Art Nouveau influence.

Shop Pill clothes on

April 27, 2009

the new bohemia

Anthropologie clothes can sometimes be a bit too frilly for me and I usually just stick to their amazing, European inspired housewares department, but I was happily surprised today when I discovered their “New Bohemia” selections. Maybe I’m feeling hippie today, but I really like some of these featured pieces… especially that “nahuatl” tank! Oh and P.S. – this bag is beautiful!

April 22, 2009

desert dresses

Although I’m excited to wear some new seasonal clothes, I have to admit, I really don’t enjoy much about the summer. In this desert country, it’s just plain hot. It’s hotter than Florida, because there are no summer, day storms to cool things off. It’s hotter than NYC because there are no tall buildings to cling to for shade. For these reasons alone, it feels best to wear nothing but a simple, loose, throw-on dress, with the airiest sandals possible. To add some optimism to my summer thoughts, I picked out a few pretty throw-ons.

Shop these dresses at topshop and

April 7, 2009

white trumpet notes

White Trumpet‘s spring 09 collection plays to the beat of my drum. Like Sofie Hulme’s sequin madness, I’m reminded once again of my old dancing costumes. This designer couple comes from a music and architecture background and I think it really shows in their construction. Like a modern day flapper, dresses are adorned with long hanging fringe. I can almost hear the music play from the movement of these swishing strings. The duo also produce over-sized riveted tops in which the metal holes actually create the design. Their skirts are constructed with folded fabric panels, remniscient of the geometric structure behind the Tate Modern. The color palette of yellow, gray, black and white feels muted, as if to offset the structured ornamentation of each piece. I’m really in love with it all.






White Trumpet clothes are sold on right now.

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