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July 16, 2010

workin safari

I plan to visit the Middle East in the next month or 2 and am already preparing myself for the intense dry heat there (although NYC is beastly hot right now so it’s not too hard to imagine). How about some travel safari looks to pack?

I love this zip up safari romper

zip-up jumsuit

& this baby safari necklace:

giraffe necklace

February 27, 2010

color coded

Color has always been one of the most important components of my wardrobe. I can recall phases in my life that have been ruled by particular colors: my pink stage, my green years, my happy yellows and of course the blue period. Lately I’ve been quite blah with color – sticking to black and cream and navy blue. Not sure what that means but I think it’s high time I jazz it up a little and bring back some full color.

Not sure what this obsession is lately with pink jumpsuits. But this one rules!

And how about these muppet green chino pants:

February 16, 2010

feeling pink

Not sure if it’s because there was little Valentines Day action going on around my neighborhood (although moseyman did leave amazing surprise love ball pastries for me in the fridge), or the fact that it suddenly turned all summer on me, but I’m in the mood for pink. Pink cheeks, pink jumpsuits, pink socks, just give it to me.

pink jumpsuit, pink socks, pink tie dyed scarf, pink stripey top

July 8, 2009


I’ve written about the great aztek print before, but these pieces are too sweet to ignore…


Shopping: tribal navy playsuit – pixiemarket, aztek print legging –

May 28, 2009

todays faves

My pixie market pics from the new arrivals batch… I think I need this romper.


romper by Liquorish

diamond print dress

diamond print dress by Liquorish

x open back dress by Motel

x open back dress by Motel

May 7, 2009

romper roundup 3.0

It’s time again, for our monthly romper roundup. There are so many fantastic jumpsuits out there that I’ve decided to continue updating the romper roundups until summer actually begins! This time I’ve collected a mix of affordables and inspirables. If you’re into sewing, perhaps some of the non-affordables will inspire you to create one of your own. I recently finished constructing (or fumbling over) a summer onesie for myself, and as soon as I can get my hands on a new, working camera, I’ll post pics of it. In the meantime, check out these fantastic new additions. (For more romper roundup coverage, go here).

Shopping on Bird, Topshop, Urban, Pixiemarket and Net-A-Porter.

April 17, 2009

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ reserved for nature

So this weekend called for another breather from city life. This time we chose to drive a few hours north to a beautiful nature reserve. We brought the dog with us as usual, but were told once we got there that she wasn’t allowed to come on the trails with us. Feeling terrible about leaving her stuck in the car, we didn’t linger too long while we were there. But guilt aside, this was one of my favorite field trips we’ve taken so far. It wasn’t that the reserve was huge and empty of people, it was actually quite small and fairly populated. It was the weather that played a huge part in this great day. Dark clouds hovered over powerful sun rays which made for a dramatic back drop. Then after the clouds eventually burst, the colors were fantastic! Like after every great storm, the greens were greener, the yellows were yellower, etc… The highlight of the trip though, which turned us into a couple of gross camera happy tourists, was the herd of wild water buffalo, just roaming about oh 50 feet away. So… this week’s trip picks theme is “nature tourist nerd caught in rain storm.”

nature-reservesquirrel wood necklace need supply ~ katoh bag modcloth ~ frill umbrella topshop ~ unis jumper bird ~ fisheye camera urban outfitters ~ fendi rain boots bluefly.

Hi! Like the FIELD TRIP PICKS? Check out previous installments: field trip picks

April 12, 2009

romper roundup 2.0

As more and more spring flowers are popping up, so are the ever so popular rompers. So, I thought it was time for a new romper roundup. As opposed to my original romper roundup, I made sure this time to add a few more affordables to the mix. Here is romper roundup 2.0.

dainty floral $28 – forever 21, denim romper $29 – forever 21, fluro playsuit $65 – topshop, premium playsuit $110 – topshop, frill playsuit $80 – topshop, vhour jumper $49 – modcloth, ruffle romper $149 – pixiemarket, joyce jumpsuit $24 – forever 21, eryn jumpsuit $143 – pixiemarket

March 21, 2009

Romper Roundup

In my search for the perfect short jumper, my lazy self conjured up an image of a one-piece that I could throw on almost daily without much effort involved. It would be a my-hair-has-just-been-frizzly-blow-dried romper, as well a morning-after brunch romper. In other words, a chameleon onesie. I know I set myself up with somewhat high expectations, and this is probably why I don’t actually have a large wardrobe. But personality disorder aside and lasso in hand, I rounded up some grade A rompers. I seem to have found a different romper for each occasion but alas, not THE romper for every occasion. At least not one within my wallet’s reach. But oh, these are pretty!

Rompers by Church and State, Samantha Pleet, Karen Zambos, Twenty8Twelve, Vena Cava, Young, Fabulous and Broke, Motel, C&C California

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