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June 20, 2009

procrastination inspiration – taking it home!

Every weekend, just about when the house has become almost completely unlivable, I do the “BIG” clean. But each time it’s cleaning time, I have a nasty little habit of wondering off into home decor internet world instead. This time around, I found some wonderful pieces of people’s homes that I would really like to paste into my own home. Here is a peek at my procrastination inspiration.

Home inspiration

FOUND IT: magazine bin – shopotto, PS Collection lamp – Ikea, amazing curvy table seen on Inhabitat, grass topped house in Big Sur – seen on Inhabitat, red print fabric – modgreenpod, bedroom w/ awesome cage lamps – outofvogue.

April 25, 2009

good ruggage

Going rug shopping for my imaginary new Brooklyn home was… not a waste of time at all. Dreaming spent on designpublic.

April 13, 2009

paper or paint?

I almost always had colorful walls growing up (home: burgundy wine, college: an unfinished wall of eggplant, Brooklyn: pale gray blue). But now, day in, day out, I have to stare at off-white every where I turn. Poor me! Although my living situation is rented and temporary, I’ve been thinking of painting at least one of the bedroom walls. But today I found some amazing wallpaper on rare device! They all cost around $100 for a 32′ roll. Price aside, would you choose paint or paper?


pieces by julia rothman


amaze by julia rothman


treet by julia rothman


amaze2 by julia rothman


family tree by ferm living


fairy flower by ferm living


tree bomb by ferm living


saplings by missprint

My faves are the first wallpaper pattern (pieces) and the last one (saplings). Doesn’t the first one completely remind you of the amazing Fox in Mociun Dolman print?! I can imaging wearing the dress, while carrying the tote bag, standing in a room filled with that wallpaper! heh…

March 16, 2009

i <3 sheets

While moseyman was away, camping in the desert, I had been squatting in squalor. It’s barely an exaggeration, I had been shamefully lazy and had let the house become something he wouldn’t have recognized when he got back. Luckily, during my lowest point of procrastination, I found some sweet nuggets of online bed and bath inspiration. So in the nick of time, I whipped up a cleaning doozie and even added some fresh cut flowers to the kitchen! Still not picture worthy though, here instead, are a few of the images that willed me to turn on the vacuum.

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