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May 22, 2010

farmer’s market day

…In the mood for a prance around the park and the farmers market. It’s time to buy that bunch of peonies before they disappear! And finally… would love to sport this outfit to match my mood – love this flattering Duskin dress, but would have to pair it with the awesome, distressed boat shoes and the APC toggle (I ❤ toggles) closed bag to balance out the girliness.

December 21, 2009

jolts of winter color

After a long, snowy journey home and an 8 hour sleep behind me, I’m wide awake at 5am. These jolts of colorful winter accessories are making it impossible to get back to sleep. Wanting that laptop case to impress those security folk at the airport for the trip back, heh… But for the next ten, moseymanless days at home with the family, I plan on watching sugar-plum fairies dance in my niece’s head, eating lots of chocolate biscuits, burritos, bagels and home cooked food, shopping with my mum (something that hasn’t been done in years!) and of course, opening presies! Anyone else jet lagged?

Shopping: purple apc saddle bag, manu straws necklace, henrik vibskov laptop case, henrik vibskov socks

November 18, 2009

sweater sweep

All my favorite sweaters seemed to have died all at once. Holes, dryer shrinkage mishap, broken zippers… each and all of these problems make up the state of my winter wardrobe these days. Maybe it’s time to invest in a few newbies that might last me a little longer? Here’s my first mini winter roundup, called, err… ‘Sweater Sweep.”

Shopping: refinery29, jumelle, pixiemarket, topshop

June 14, 2009

black neon or peach ice cream?

Today I was feeling a bit blah so I threw on a skirt and a frilly shirt then balanced it out with my fuchsia canvas skips and voila. An instant cheery upper. But just a week earlier I was feeling too frilly and girly and had to figure out how to toughen it up a bit, if you know what I mean. I decided to collage these nerdy feelings into a reflection collection. Black Neon vs. Peach Ice Cream! Do you usually feel like a black neon or a peach ice cream? Or do you go through phases like I do?





Shopping includes: shopnastygal,, monster commerce

May 29, 2009

tote tootin’ time

Tote bag season is just around the corner. The canvas tote is the cheap and somewhat disposable carry-all answer for that heavy heat, and whether you’re city bound or riding around in an airconditionless crapper in the country suburbs, this washable friend will be your best summer pal.  It will be true to the bulk of your sunhats, the grease of your sunblock, the fragility of your sunglasses and anything else with the word sun in it. I’ve already purchased my tote bag for the season but I thought it timely to toot the tote and rally up a totable team. (heh…) And if you’re not already a tote lover, maybe these will change your mind.

Shopping at topshop, urban outfitters (uk), bird, creatures of comfort, modcloth

April 30, 2009

short series

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to not look like a stereotypical American tourist when wearing shorts in the summer. There are, of course, ways of getting around that “American” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) look, by maybe wearing a pair of unbelievably hip sandals or dangerously short 80’s shorts, or by sticking with this year’s obvious solution, the “romper.” But let’s face it, we can’t wear a romper every day. This summer, I want to make shorts cool again! Like really cool. How will I do that you ask? Well, I’m still working on it…  but we can at least start with some shorts that won’t make you feel too much like a Griswald.

Shop these looks at shopbird, urban outfitters, letrainbleu, and topshop.

March 11, 2009

A.P.C it’s easy as 1,2,3

I’ve been a big fan of A.P.C. for a few years now. I think they tie in with that whole simple but elegant Parisian-chic look I’ve come to admire. Jean Touitou’s designs haven’t budged much throughout time and there’s something both refreshing and aggravating about that. Does that make sense? Refreshing, when it’s a great piece, aggravating, when it translates to boring. But for the most part, I’m enjoying his Spring 09 collection. There are these fantastic free-feeling vacation pieces in rich warm hues which I can easily fantasize prancing around in, while munching on an over-sized baguette. Here are some looks I would definitely covet.

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