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November 18, 2009

sweater sweep

All my favorite sweaters seemed to have died all at once. Holes, dryer shrinkage mishap, broken zippers… each and all of these problems make up the state of my winter wardrobe these days. Maybe it’s time to invest in a few newbies that might last me a little longer? Here’s my first mini winter roundup, called, err… ‘Sweater Sweep.”

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October 2, 2009

nubby numbers

When I was a wee teen (and I was wee) I inherited a thick, green, wooly, button up sweater from a random friend of my grandma Hilda… a little strange, but anyway, this green sweater was covered in little, balled nubs that I fidgeted with endlessly. It became my favorite, almost good luck sweater, for years to come. I don’t think it was particularly attractive in its bulky, bobbley, old state, but something about it drew me in. I think we all have or have had that special item at some point in our lives that makes us feel warm, cozy and magical all at once. Non? These nubby, chubby numbers had me reminiscing and wondering seriously if it was time to pull out the green monster once again… or perhaps get my fidgety hands on a new magic sweater like one of these, because don’t they just seem a little magical?

knitted pom pom sweater - topshop

knitted pom pom sweater - topshop

marc by marc jacobs - nordstrom

marc by marc jacobs - nordstrom

September 23, 2009

a good sweater is hard to find

I think that’s what Ms Flannery O’Connor really meant…

Each winter I struggle to find the perfect winter sweater. There’s a delicate balance between finding something warm and finding something flattering. Obey is not a label I normally pay much attention to but I think its new winter sweaters do a great job achieving that warm and flattering balance. Check out these great, new cozy shapes.

obey sweater black

obey sweater grey

obey sweater3

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