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July 24, 2009

a floral affair

Up until a few weeks ago, my apartment was in desperate need of some flowering up, so I went out and bought a huge window box and 3 healthy plants bursting all over the place with soft white petals. The plant nursery owner taught me, in his old broken English, how to take proper care of his babies and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I will not ignore these new friends and allow them to wilt and die like I did with the bunch last summer. I will be the best flower mommy in the neighborhood. Now, In the midst of my planting and nursing, I also built up a new affinity for clothing and accessories adorned with flower prints. Here are 2 of my favorites and here’s how I’d wear each of them.



Shopping: floral dress, nottingham booties; flower xbody bag, studded shoulder crop top

May 31, 2009

the one piece wonder

The last time I wore a one piece bathing suit, I was still calling it a swimming costume. I was 9 or 10 and also still had my English accent. Each summer, after my family relocated to Florida, my mum would take us all swimming costume shopping, and let us pick out not just 1, but 2 suits, that would last us throughout the summer heat, the chlorinated pools, the salty gulf and the neighbor’s slip and slide. I remember feeling very proud of one suit in particular… it was a bright little number decorated with different pieces of colorful fruit (grapes, oranges, etc). Even with my pale English skin, this suit managed to make me feel very tropical and… American! Lately, one piece swimsuits seem to be all over beach fashion and I’m willing to give it a go with something bright and colorful once again, after all these years. I love Insight’s ‘wonderland’ suit below. What about you? Will you be sporting the one piece this summer? Do you remember your favorite swimsuit as a kid?

Shopping: American Apparel, Topshop, Delias, Urban, Modcloth, 80sPurple, Creatures of Comfort

May 29, 2009

tote tootin’ time

Tote bag season is just around the corner. The canvas tote is the cheap and somewhat disposable carry-all answer for that heavy heat, and whether you’re city bound or riding around in an airconditionless crapper in the country suburbs, this washable friend will be your best summer pal.  It will be true to the bulk of your sunhats, the grease of your sunblock, the fragility of your sunglasses and anything else with the word sun in it. I’ve already purchased my tote bag for the season but I thought it timely to toot the tote and rally up a totable team. (heh…) And if you’re not already a tote lover, maybe these will change your mind.

Shopping at topshop, urban outfitters (uk), bird, creatures of comfort, modcloth

May 5, 2009

revenge of the nerds

Finally! You’re not cool unless you’re a nerd. If you or your older sibling wore glasses in the 80’s and were called names like 4-eyes, it’s time to dig up those hot frames and take revenge. 80’s readers are all that are acceptable right now. I haven’t made the leap into the biggies because I basically never wear my glasses, but some of these sizzlers might persuade me otherwise.

Shopping at Modcloth and Urban Outfitters.

PS – Do you wear glasses? If so would you or have you switched to the biggies?

April 17, 2009

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ reserved for nature

So this weekend called for another breather from city life. This time we chose to drive a few hours north to a beautiful nature reserve. We brought the dog with us as usual, but were told once we got there that she wasn’t allowed to come on the trails with us. Feeling terrible about leaving her stuck in the car, we didn’t linger too long while we were there. But guilt aside, this was one of my favorite field trips we’ve taken so far. It wasn’t that the reserve was huge and empty of people, it was actually quite small and fairly populated. It was the weather that played a huge part in this great day. Dark clouds hovered over powerful sun rays which made for a dramatic back drop. Then after the clouds eventually burst, the colors were fantastic! Like after every great storm, the greens were greener, the yellows were yellower, etc… The highlight of the trip though, which turned us into a couple of gross camera happy tourists, was the herd of wild water buffalo, just roaming about oh 50 feet away. So… this week’s trip picks theme is “nature tourist nerd caught in rain storm.”

nature-reservesquirrel wood necklace need supply ~ katoh bag modcloth ~ frill umbrella topshop ~ unis jumper bird ~ fisheye camera urban outfitters ~ fendi rain boots bluefly.

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April 14, 2009

top of the tops

I was fishing around for simple summer tops that are easy to throw on with whatever, because I’m lazy like that, and found 9 nifty nuggets of affordables. I shopped around the obvious, cheaper, but cooly sites. These are my faves: 80spurple, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Pixiemarket, ASOS and Topshop. I also scanned just a couple of the more expensive (top notch) shops because it sort of felt necessary: Frances May, Farfetch and Bird. I tried to keep them under $50 but couple of them went over. Sorry. Here are my picks:

Waistcoat tee (Ben Sherman) ASOS ~ Pup tee (Fox in Mociun) Francis May ~ S & N (silence and noise) ruffle Urban Outfitters ~ Check top FCUK ~ Gymnast tee Farfetch ~ Daisy chain tee 80spurple ~ Giraffe tee Bird ~ Zip tunic Topshop ~ Zip vest Topshop.

April 12, 2009

romper roundup 2.0

As more and more spring flowers are popping up, so are the ever so popular rompers. So, I thought it was time for a new romper roundup. As opposed to my original romper roundup, I made sure this time to add a few more affordables to the mix. Here is romper roundup 2.0.

dainty floral $28 – forever 21, denim romper $29 – forever 21, fluro playsuit $65 – topshop, premium playsuit $110 – topshop, frill playsuit $80 – topshop, vhour jumper $49 – modcloth, ruffle romper $149 – pixiemarket, joyce jumpsuit $24 – forever 21, eryn jumpsuit $143 – pixiemarket

April 10, 2009

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ desert not-so-plains

Yesterday, moseyman and I drove a few hours south to the desert. Now although we’re living in the Middle East, we actually live in a pretty westernized city (Tel Aviv), so when we left the city behind us we undoubtedly immersed ourselves in the real deal. As we drove further and further south, we watched the high rises disappear, the greenery fade and the sandy mountains grow. We heard the radio pop music staticize and the Mizrachi (eastern) music tune in. After a couple of hours of driving we began to see small, movable houses in the near distance. Flimsy, tin, roofs were held down simply, by large rocks. We passed many Bedouin who were herding fluffy sheep along the side of the road, and some riding camels in the distance. The faces of these nomads were barely visible for the layers of scarves, turbans and billowing, hooded cloaks. When we finally arrived, we parked at a Bedouin (but tourist ridden) campsite where I nerded out on the nargila smoking and strong coffee drinking experience. Instead, we immediately set off, trail map in hand, food and water on our backs. I must admit, prepared for a full day of hiking and mountain climbing, my outfit was nothing to post about. The colors of the desert surrounding us, however, were the most inspirational of all field trips, yet. These were not mountains of simple beige and cream, these were mountains of hot paprika, cumin and turmeric! It was like hiking on spices! There were multicolored rocks all over the place… dark purple with veins of pale lavender, black marble with swirls of peach. I could go on forever, but instead I will present you with my newest addition of field trip picks… inspired by the colors of the desert and some Bedouin goodness.


freemont jacket – 80spurple, white trumpet dress – pixiemarket, simona scarf – forever 21, fringe purse – modcloth, D.Co lace ups –, black (harem ish) pants – forever 21

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