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June 8, 2012

perfect short wedding dress

Sometimes I find dresses that make me want to get married all over again. Does this ever happen to you?
So if Moseyman and I were to have our elopement in Cypress all over again, or even throw another wedding party, this dress would definitely be a contender.

July 16, 2011

cute wedding invites

My friends designed these super cute wedding invites for their own outdoor DC wedding coming up. I’m pretty excited about this one… just opening the envelope felt like walking into a little party!

front side post card

January 27, 2010


What a perfectly beautiful dainty little (diamond) ring:

June 12, 2009

unique and affordable wedding dresses

Today I appeared as a guest blogger on Gainesville Weddings blog with some advice on how and where to find a unique and affordable wedding dress. Check out the entire post here.

Go to Gainesville Weddings blog

Go to Gainesville Weddings blog

March 12, 2009

phillip lim is my lastest whim

For the past 10 years, I’ve been an unoriginal, hopelessly devoted, Marc Jacobs fan (particularly Marc by Marc Jacobs). Lately, there have been a few designers that are edging closely to Marc’s number 1 spot, ready to kick him off. Phillip Lim is one of them. I find myself actually ‘wowing’ out loud (wol) when moseying around his collections. Back in his Holiday 08 collection, he seamlessly integrated my favorite palette of wintry colors with intricate details. His un-girly ruffles created this perfect amount of femininity without the uncomfortable 5-year-old fluff feeling. One of his dresses (top left photo) made it onto my top ‘3 wedding dresses’ list, only to fail by the lack of long sleeves I needed for a December outdoor evening.

March 12, 2009

something searched something learned

When I found out that moseyman and I would have two weddings, one itsy bitsy affair in paradisial Cyprus, and one family & friends party in the Florida wild, all I could think about was what dress I would wear. I know there is nothing original about that thought but one thing I was very bride-like adamant about was that I would NOT be wearing white. I ran around telling everyone that ‘It’s my wedding, so I will wear color!’ I scoured the internet for months and months until I came across this elegant strapless pleated bubble dress by BCBG Maxazria, which I wore with silver and off-white criss-cross patterned Pierre Hardy heels (oh, I guess that means I do own a pair of heels). Turns out, the dress I ended up choosing was accidentally white. Oops. After marrying in white Cyprus, the hunt began all over again for a “COLOR ONLY!” dress that I could wear to my “COLORFUL!” picnic wedding party in December. But, I ended up with a silver dress, which I wore again with my silver and white heels. I guess Marc Jacobs makes silver somehow seem colorful? Anyway, after over 6 months of scouring online shopping sites, I created a dramatic bookmark list that I spent time later, organizing to a T.  This search taught me a lot about designers, their staples and myself. Here’s what I ended up in.

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