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March 31, 2009

the vpl in a cape

Although I consider myself a somewhat sporty gal, I usually have no interest for sportswear/swimwear lines, but the folks at VPL do not make traditional sporty clothing. The spring/summer 09 collection creates a bit more fuss than that. There is a tad of froof in each piece, usually by some fantastic neck wreath. The fabrics are soft and beautifully layered, and some of the swim suits are shown on the runway with attached capes! I want a cape.

March 30, 2009

the applique in all its glory

The most awesome scarf in the world is designed by Asli Filinta. This Turkish born, NYC resident, also designs dresses adorned with monkey photos, shirts with outer shoulder-pads that look like pasted on yamuka hats and headwear with sequin appliques. Her entire line is totally inspirational. She even has a website soundtrack that I didn’t race to turn off. Scroll though her complete works of art while grooving out to Beirut, The Walkmen, Magnetic Fields, Bloc Party… (I was on her site for a while).







This last owl applique scarf is for sale at pixiemarket.

March 27, 2009

heralding maude

While lingering on, I came across these super cute Maude shoes. The first thing I thought was “Uh Oh!” You see, I already purchased those magical dolce vita sandals, but these maudes are also magical! BUT… too expensive for me. This is when I need to just carefully close the web page and return to something simple and civilized like BBC news.

March 27, 2009

sophie’s sequins

Sequins always remind me of my old dancing costumes from my pantomime days in England. Although I was only 4 or 5 years old, I can still remember (with the help of some old family photos), those spandex catsuits with the big, hand-sewn sequins. They were like gigantic, beautiful, orbs of sparkle. So when I saw Sophie Hulme’s S/S 09 collection with all the pink and gold hand-sewn sequins, I was immediately taken back in time… *flashback to dark stage, bright lights, pensive expression and me doing a perfect gymnast’s split*

You can buy some sequiny Sophie at Pixiemarket.

March 27, 2009

digging danish

I appreciate a lot of different home decor flavors but I always find myself drawn back to Danish modern style furniture. I love it for the solid yet unassuming wood and the clean, smooth lines. The authentic stuff you find in vintage shops by folks like Paul McCobb will usually run you up into an uncomfortable bill. If you don’t care who’s name is on it and just like the look, Urban Outfitters is a pretty good place to start. For the past few years, they have been remaking the danish modern style into pretty affordable, desirable pieces. It’s nice to know that you can find a cool couch for under $500 without having to succumb to a bright blue Ikea thing that will most likely be thrown out in a year or two. Not to knock Ikea… I had that awesome bright blue coach not long ago, and I loved it for those 2 years. So, to continue on under my dwell spell, here are a few pics of inexpensive furniture I wouldn’t mind using to dress up my apartment.

March 26, 2009

home ec

I just spent the last two days ignoring my blog, ignoring fashion all together, because it was all making me become a little too obsessed. During my fashion time-out I occupied my thoughts elsewhere… home decor. Decorno got me thinking about all sorts of new homey things. It “helps” that I’m unemployed and spend 98% of my day at home now (lending 2% to splurging on yummy brunches out with my dog and frequent trips to American Apparel). One day I will own a home of my own and Decorno’s blog helps me develop that imaginary place into a cozy little hub that’s well thought out with colorful walls and quality furniture. If I start my home decor education now, I should be an expert by the time I earn the right to paint my very own walls. Five very simple things I envision right now for a place to call my own:

1) One exposed brick wall (as long as it doesn’t attract bacteria – I have slight germaphobic tendencies)

2) Color everywhere

3) A bathtub (a great bathtub)

4) A refurbished kitchen

5) Wood floors (of course)

Maybe something a bit like this?




March 24, 2009

my train to mociun

Holy crap. I just discovered today. This shop is a rare bird. Pretty much all the merch is beautiful and quirky. Lucky for my bank account, their amazing apparel has limits on their available sizes (the Fox in Mociun Dolman Dress only comes in a M/L and I’m a XS/S). Anyone know where I can find this dress in my size?


March 23, 2009


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for colorful clothing. I love it in every form: in a transitional monochromatic outfit or an all-out color migration fest. What sticks out from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel’s new spring/summer 09 collection is that there is a very particular color palette: Yellow, purple, black, white and hot pink. The organization of these five colors is the collection’s ultimate attraction. The simple but precise layout makes me feel like these are the only 5 colors I’ll ever need for the rest of my life because the combination of them is just perfect. Take a peek below… isn’t the purple shorts outfit just so pretty?!

Once again, the amazing bird shop is one place to buy sonia clothes.

March 23, 2009

true bliss

A friend of mine, Jill Bliss, started her own art/craft business a few years ago and the results have been nothing but beautiful. Jill creates paper and found fabric goods from her home in Portland, Oregon. Her craft is very exact as is her research for the perfect, most sustainable product. Her “perfect pocket wallets,” for example, were tested and tried and tried again until they became, well, perfect! Miss Bliss strives to use only found fabric from old sheets and such, print her art work with vegetable based inks and produce only on 100% recycled, chlorine free paper. Her drawings are a mixed world of precise fantasy; intertwined, dreamy plant stems made from deliberate, steady lines and intricate dots. Drawn, crafted, or sewn, each product is a true piece of treasure.

March 22, 2009

Tsumori’s tsunami

Tsumori Chisato‘s spring 09 collection is so consistently saturated with incredible layers of color, fabric and shape, that after viewing her entire collection in one sitting, you can be left feeling slightly overstimulated, as if listening to a playlist of only up-tempo hits.  That said, I haven’t seen a runway this beautiful in a while. In fact each outfit resembles a painting. With mounds of fabric, gathered up skirts, cape-like sleeves and shapes of every kind imaginable, it’s like 10 collection ideas in one collection. If I could nab just one piece for myself to saunter about in the city streets, I would no doubt be queen for a day. Check out the runway shots, then below that, a few simple, wearable, “buyable” pieces.

The bottom three pieces are available at the fantastic bird shop.

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