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May 30, 2010

danish modern delight

my dream desk:

my dream desk (ebay)

May 25, 2010

domestic armour

My talented jewelry, clothes, everything maker, Nova Colette, just released her first beautiful line of jewelry. Her metal + enamel work have been shown in many art exhibits around New York as “Domestic Armor” and she’s now selling this ‘domestic armour’ on her Etsy page. I highly recommend you take a peek.

A few favorites include: carved carnelion disk necklace

The dotted heart earrings

and the oxidized sterling fleur de lis

May 24, 2010

wrap it up

Loved the winter version and now I love the summer version – Tucker’s wrap jacket:

May 22, 2010

farmer’s market day

…In the mood for a prance around the park and the farmers market. It’s time to buy that bunch of peonies before they disappear! And finally… would love to sport this outfit to match my mood – love this flattering Duskin dress, but would have to pair it with the awesome, distressed boat shoes and the APC toggle (I ❤ toggles) closed bag to balance out the girliness.

May 16, 2010

hanging the world

When I was 6 my family moved from England to Florida. My parents shipped our piano, their record collection, their book collection, shelving units and numerous gigantic world maps, which ended up lining our upstairs hallway. Although I despised History class and anything else worldly related at school, I remember standing in our upstairs hallway many times staring at these huge maps and never, ever getting sick of them.

Moseyman and I purchased a few great vintage looking maps on our recent US road trip and I’ve been eager to hang them in our new place. Problem is, one of them is 50″ X 32″ and it seems next to impossible to find an affordable wood frame that large.

Today I saw these photos and liked the idea of simply hanging it with 2 rods and a string. Are there any other hanging solutions?

wooden rodded map via Design Sponge

another pretty rodded map via Room Remix Blog

May 15, 2010

the beginning

We finally started to unpack and find places for our things this weekend. It’s gonna take a while to build it up, find furniture and decorate, but here’s a small peek at our apartment’s starting point. It’s a little Ikea-ed in our bandroom/office at the moment, but next weekend calls for a visit to the Brooklyn Flea…

bandroom & bedroom

guitar wall

May 7, 2010

brooklyn, ny

We flew across the Atlantic, drove around the country and now, finally, Moseyman, dog and I have found a place to settle! 1 block from the park and loads of old character, this apartment is going to suit us well. Today we’re trekking out to Ikea for the 3rd time in 1 week (embarrassing to admit) where we’ll hopefully pick up a boring lot of storage shelves.  Anyone know where we can find an amazing but affordable Danish modern, dark wood bed frame (with matching side tables and dresser)? Man we are so unprepared…

Next post I promise to have pics or some sort of visual…

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