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June 26, 2011

shoe inspiration

Shoes, glorious shoes! From Milan to Paris – via Streetstyle. Love that last pair!

March 18, 2009

Tassels with Tuttle

I’ve just been introduced to a new shoe maker where the shoes look as fun to wear as the brand name is to say. LD Tuttle is another great designer who mixes authentic girl style with a touch of tough. I like tassels, but they are usually used in an embarrassing, school girl, penny loafer kind of way. So I was delighted to see an all black pair of sandals with Tuttle’s version of tassels. Still being a heel virgin though *blushing*, I’ve only posted a few pics of flat sandals. For all of you experienced heel wearers who can handle the view, I highly recommend you check out the site.

March 16, 2009

the sweet shoe

Each season the Italian shoe makers, Dolce Vita, seem to get it just right. Strappy, leather, cage-like sandals with metallic adornments. High heels that are simply not made for the 9-5 office. Interwoven details with bold colors and tribal accents. They are one of these companies who can mix the sweet with the tough, the flash with the simple, in order to create that shoe that everyone wants. Their new, “young” counterpart, DV, is even better. Recently they’ve added clothes to the mix and it is becoming increasingly more alluring. Check out the spring fling (I’m especially keen on the ikat trio):

March 12, 2009

something searched something learned

When I found out that moseyman and I would have two weddings, one itsy bitsy affair in paradisial Cyprus, and one family & friends party in the Florida wild, all I could think about was what dress I would wear. I know there is nothing original about that thought but one thing I was very bride-like adamant about was that I would NOT be wearing white. I ran around telling everyone that ‘It’s my wedding, so I will wear color!’ I scoured the internet for months and months until I came across this elegant strapless pleated bubble dress by BCBG Maxazria, which I wore with silver and off-white criss-cross patterned Pierre Hardy heels (oh, I guess that means I do own a pair of heels). Turns out, the dress I ended up choosing was accidentally white. Oops. After marrying in white Cyprus, the hunt began all over again for a “COLOR ONLY!” dress that I could wear to my “COLORFUL!” picnic wedding party in December. But, I ended up with a silver dress, which I wore again with my silver and white heels. I guess Marc Jacobs makes silver somehow seem colorful? Anyway, after over 6 months of scouring online shopping sites, I created a dramatic bookmark list that I spent time later, organizing to a T.  This search taught me a lot about designers, their staples and myself. Here’s what I ended up in.

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