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June 11, 2010

POT OF GOLD – pendleton the buckle bag

What a beautiful bag this is… a true, shining pot of gold.

November 6, 2009

POT OF GOLD – study jacket

This jacket inspires me to go back to school and get my masters in poetry. Maroon, wool, check, study jacket by Williamsburg based trio champs, Jackson, Johnston and Roe. It is: hot cocoa and Stevie Smith at Veselka, on a New York winter’s evening:

maroon wool check study jacket by jackson, johnston and Roe williamsburg based trio blazer shopjumelle

October 17, 2009

POT OF GOLD – curled leaf bracelet

I’m not a bracelet wearer. Frankly, my wrist is just too small for anything to ever stay on it. When I was in my late teens, my sister made me a beaded bracelet. It wasn’t all perfectly beaded with wooden beads, instead, it was a mish mosh of sparkly gems and silver balls. It was a disorganized disco party, specially designed for my teeny tiny, happy wrist. Besides this custom made sparkle fest, my wrist never successfully embraced other bracelets such as the impossible bangle. But today I found this curled, gold leaf, wrist wrap. If it didn’t cost almost $2000, it could have maybe been just be the bracelet to break my bare armed streak.

wouters and hendrix curl leaf bracelet

wouters and hendrix curl leaf bracelet

August 3, 2009

POT OF GOLD – marching to the beat of this jacket

Nylon’s June/July issue featured the band jacket in all its glory. The best part is that the beautiful epaulet emblazoned jacket featured on the model, is a cheaper BB Dakota version at an affordable $80. I found it on

Picture 1

July 23, 2009

POT OF GOLD – slash booties

The beautiful POT OF GOLD I discovered this week are Maude’s new, serious yet airy, slash booties. Great for adding a little weird to your outfit. Perfect for creating a little mayhem in. 🙂

maude mayhem slash bootie pixiemarket

maude slassh booties2

July 17, 2009

POT OF GOLD – stringy dress

My Pot of Gold this week is a cocoon shaped mini dress with dangling strings and padded shoulders. I love the simple structure of this dress, paired with the big mess at the front. It looks really fun to wear about and with all those laces hanging right at fingertip length, I would always have something to do with my hands! No accessorizing needed, I present the adm2012 padded shoulder dress from pixiemarket:

pad shoulder dress pixiemarket

July 6, 2009

POT OF GOLD – lulu’s sunshine set

I’m not a very beachy person until the sun starts to set and everyone goes home. Last summer, moseyman and I fell into a wonderful habit of coming home from a long day of work, throwing our bathing suits on and sprinting 10 minutes down to the beach before it got dark. Once there, we’d flop around in the Mediterranean Sea as the gold set behind us. I realized the other day that we hadn’t done it this summer yet and it’s certainly hot enough to! Perhaps this flirty sunshine set I discovered via fantastic blog, i am a greedy girl, will inspire us (and perhaps you also) to restart this summer trend! If this beach wear is cute enough to summon a spare hour for fun at the end of a week day, then it’s surely a pot of gold! Yeah, I know it’s only Monday but I’m confident I won’t find a better pot than this for the rest of the week.


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July 4, 2009

POT OF GOLD – disintegration art by laura kicey

This week’s POT OF GOLD award goes to the photo-graphic artist, Laura Kicey. This particular “disintegration” picture is a culmination of blended photographic pieces of walls, windows and doors, all belonging to forgotten, weathered buildings. Kicey resides just outside of Philly but travels all over the place to capture images of abandoned locations. Reminding me of my years spent in Brooklyn, this piece feels like gold to me.

wall art by laura

June 25, 2009

POT OF GOLD – tights of gold

It’s our weekly “pot of gold” day today, and this time I took the name quite literally… black, handmade tights covered in gold C3P0 like nuggets. I would sport these things around town (in cool weather) with a pair of perfect, black, shortish shorts and floaty top:

tights of gold

tights of gold

tights of gold - close up

tights of gold - close up

FOUND: black tights by Gal Stern at Farfetch.

June 18, 2009

POT OF GOLD – lips and eyes

Once a week, every week, I will be featuring one awesome item. I’ll choose a dazzler that will either be difficult to forget or difficult to live without. We’ll call this series “Pot of Gold.” Our first Pot of Gold is not only funny, cute and totally wearable but I think it will be a difficult one to leave behind in the never purchased dust. I present you…. the lips and eyes ring set!

Red lips, amber rhinestone and an eye with a three-dimensional (yes three-dimensional!!) black eyelash. What more could you possibly ask for?

lips and eyes ring set by N2 - shopnastygal

lips and eyes ring set by N2 - shopnastygal

lips and eyes ring set by N2 - shopnastygal

lips and eyes ring set by N2 - shopnastygal

Shopping: shopnastygal

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