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November 28, 2010

holi DAY outfit

Isn’t this such a beautiful red dress? I’d pair it with a sweet navy coat, some cozy tights, a bold scarf and a sparkly clutch. Perfect for a company holi-daytime party, I’d say.

November 20, 2010

neo space dress

I somehow really like this crazy Tina Kalivas dress with ruffle hip panels. It’s price is not so likeable:

November 19, 2010

google’s new online shop,

Has anyone browsed around Google’s new pride and joy: It’s supposed to be all revolutionary and shit, but what I’m seeing so far is a mashup of a few ideas already done, and shopstyle was for sure their muse (check out the drop-down menu design). Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s some promise. I like the ‘me, me, me’ idea behind it. For example, you can essentially ‘teach’ what your style is from your favorite colors & patterns (paisley or stripes), and favorite dress cuts (v-neck or mini). You can also tell her (I made boutiques a female) what you hate. But creating your style is quite time consuming and I ended up bollocking along through all the steps only to find out at the end that I hated everything they were suggesting I’d like. Does that mean I hate my own style?

November 19, 2010

my take on lanvin for h&m

H&M, what ARE you doing? Sure, great, you’ve got Lanvin, that’s awesome! But Hennes and Mauritz, what on earth are you doing ONLINE? Showcasing Lanvin on H& via mannequins and drawings is just not inspiring me.

And, most importantly, hello, it’s almost 2011. Where is your online shop?

There is one thing that just about saves this duo’s online integrity and that’s this detailed and informative Lanvin for H&M video

…which pretty much sold me on their faux fur coat (looks better in the video):

November 19, 2010

penchant for a pendant

Two of the most beautiful pendant lights I’ve ever seen (via Design Sponge’s sneak peak: Annette Joesph) sent all the way over from Atlanta’s South of Market to the owner’s seaside home in Cinque Terre. Oh, and the marble island? That only took 11 men to carry over.

November 17, 2010

nails francaise

My nails need an it’s-dark-outside-by-4:30pm-my-tummy-hurts-and-my-husband-is-still-away-pick-me-up. This could make me happy. I think I would need some serious patience though, to get it looking even half this great. (via black eiffel)

November 14, 2010

perfect fall necklace

Feeling squirrelly? The golden acorn locket: its magic lets you store whatever you like in it for the winter…

“He was about to turn and run when he saw a gleam of light; something underneath the hedge glinted in the sunlight… It was a golden acorn…” The Golden Acorn – Catherine H. Cooper

November 14, 2010

little winter wonders

Isn’t it the little details that make dressing warm fun?

little furry pouch bag (love the elbow patches on that jacket too!)

plaid scarf

triple pom pom hat

November 10, 2010

screen printed winter wear

Luna moths, argyle, bird flocks and honeycomb get beautifully screen printed onto various pieces of wintry garb by Kelly Massey of prettypennydesigns:

November 8, 2010

ASOS kicking fantasy hat ass

Have you noticed the odd new winter and holiday hat options popping up lately? I found a pretty fun selection of these fantasy hats on ASOS. I might have to give one of em a try. Are you donning any new kind of hat you wouldn’t have tried a few years ago?

Cartazi Western style felt hat:

Trapper hat with fantasy fur ears:

Cartazi felt riding hat:

sheepskin hood (if only it wasn’t real sheepskin…):

Jewel and feather turban:

Fantasy furry headband:

Lace floppy

Ana Konder Trapper

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