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April 12, 2013

Does your apartment need a diet?


Have you ever felt like your apartment needs to go on a diet? Lately mine has been chubbing up on junk that I really need to sort through and get rid of. I also need to get to styling that brand new window seat we just had installed (will post more on that later).

My super talented friends over at apartment diet are launching an awesome online course that walks you week by week, through easy and thoughtful ways to punch up, transform and declutter your personal space. It runs for 5 weeks (starting April 29th) and begins with a ‘lesson’ called “Let’s start with a really small corner”.

What do you think? Sounds fun right? See Apartment Diet’s online course page for more info.

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March 22, 2013

decor personality

Hello bloggie friends! Any good plans for the weekend? Moseyman and I are going to finally build shelves in our ‘music closet’. We hung a few of our guitars on the living room wall so this small closet will mostly house the uglier music related things like cords, keyboard stands, etc. I can’t wait until this project is done and out of the way so we can move on to more fun and exciting things like decor for our upcoming window storage seat!

With decor on the brain, inspiration from this recent living room makeover and this super cute apartment tour, I’ve been scouting out little items that have a splash of personality and may possibly make the difference between a blah living room and a fun ‘lived-in’ look.

(While these aren’t really window seat decor items, I still thought they deserved a little admiration)

This donkey print


These golden animal magnets


This orange basket


This totally affordable mint desk lamp with yellow cord.


This round mirror


This golden sea urchin object


These fox bookends


Since we keep our small apartment pretty clutter free, we don’t have many decorative items dotted around. What do you think? Do you have any favorite chotchkies around your house that add personality? I would love to hear what they are.

January 28, 2013

Favorite DIY Roundup

So, sure, I may not actually ever get around to making any of these things, but it sure is fun to pretend I might. Here are my favorite DIY’s found over the course of this month. If you’re interested, you can find more DIY ideas like this here.

Hello Hello Wire Coat Rack


Colorfully wrapped pendant lamp cord


Feathery Juju Hat for Wall Hanging


January 13, 2013

awesome pillows, wallpaper, etc

I’m in love with all the new fabrics and designs from ferm living for spring 2013. Here’s a little taste… and you can find some more pics here as I went pin-crazy today.


November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving weekend!

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving this year? Moseyman and I are actually eating at an awesome NY diner called Veselka with some friends. I’ve never eaten Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant before, have you? I think we’ll finish at our place with some yummy cups of hot chocolate and veg out. Here are some of my favorite pins this week. You can find more here.

Love this man with dog. Isn’t it sweet?

Thinking of decorating with these tiny starry string lights

We just ordered this overdyed pink rug. I’m so excited!

I love this skirt and cozy sweater look with the brogues.

Love Emily Henderson’s solution for making this living room kid friendly yet still stylish

Hope you all have some yummy food and a lovely weekend!

July 17, 2012

view of the world from bedford avenue

If you live in Brooklyn, NY like we do, then you might especially like this print.

Starting tomorrow (July 18th) at 10am, my graphic artist friend, Koren Shadmi will be selling his recent creation – a limited edition print titled “View of the World from Bedford Avenue

an homage  to the classic New Yorker cover from 1976 by the great Saul Steinberg. The original cover was a visual observation of how New Yorkers see the rest of the world; miniaturized by the grandeur and solipsism of Manhattan, the unofficial center of the world. Some (including me) would argue that the new center of the world is now Brooklyn.






Isn’t it awesome? You can buy it here (starting Wednesday).

June 10, 2012

DIY entryway table idea

Ever since we moved into our new apartment, I’ve been on a DIY kick. We made this coat rack with matching bench for the entry way and now I’m thinking of trying this cute, affordable DIY sideboard update. What do you think? Do you go through DIY phases?

BEFORE: cheap Ikea sideboard

AFTER: painted & well styled Ikea sideboard

April 12, 2012

a few of my favorite pins

As you know I’ve cheating on my blog with pinterest… but how about I show you a few of my favorite home goodie pins anyway. Oh, and you can follow my pinterests here if you like.

Brazilian door mats made with natural veggie dye:


A colorfully rugged staircase:


A pretty wood table & bench:


A well styled shoot with beautiful toast pillows:


And a floating movie theater in Thailand:


March 14, 2012


A couple of my favorite ‘Inspiring Rooms‘ from my Mosey Pinterest this week…



March 10, 2012

sessun spring 2012

I love Sessun’s spring 2012 collection: plaid on plaid, polkadot clutches, mix & match color and patterned summer sandals.

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