movie style: mermaids

We love some movies for their story line, cinematography and character strength. We fall in love with some movies for their characters’ inspiring sense of style and personal crusade. Mermaids makes my Top 3. Got any fashion inspirations in your movie vault?

Character bookmark: Charlotte (played by Wynona Ryder).
Uniform love: 50’s dress with “ugly, old” boyish boots and a girly headband.


2 Comments to “movie style: mermaids”

  1. I too was fascinated with Charlotte’s wardrobe in this movie, and pretty much any Winona Ryder films from the 80s/90s(e.g., Heather, and even Beetlejuice at one point..tee-hee). Though lately, I’ve been drooling over the fashion from the movie Cracks 🙂

    Been blog-hopping and stumbled upon your delightful place here; it’s awesome to see other people’s viewpoints and perspectives from their corner of the web 🙂

  2. one of my all time favorite styles!

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