DIY sequin tights

Here are a few quick pics of my DIY sequin tights. As I mentioned before, my inspiration came from these.  As you can see, photos are not easy for me to take of myself… but you get the idea. I’m feeling now that maybe my tights need MORE sequins? So here’s my work in progress:


5 Comments to “DIY sequin tights”

  1. cute… i think maybe less is more in this case

  2. I agree with Roberta Jane, I think the amount of jewels is just nice!

  3. Your sequin tights look really great!
    The pixiemarket tights have more sequins scattered down the front & then a cluster at the ankle. Just different, not better.

  4. a-dor-able! xoxo I’m soooo gonna try this now!

  5. I want some too.

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