weekend thoughts

Huge banana bread failure tonight. I adjusted my portions to suit my puny banana bunch and something went terribly wrong. Ah well, I’ll probably eat some of it anyway.

And who cares, it’s still open-window weather and nothing can beat that. Except my upcoming rendezvous with my moseyman in PARIS! You thought I was done mentioning that? Ha ha, no way near. I’m just starting to plan what I’ll pack (lying – I starting planning weeks ago). Knowing that the weather will be cooler there, I’m wishing I had some awesome leggings like this girl’s, to impress those Parisian passerbys:

AND here’s some Weekend Linkage:

A unique and honorable DIY project

Loving the short and sweet look. (click and scroll down)

My favorite and hilarious welcome to autumn.

My all-time favorite sneak peek on D*S

It’s the Weeeekennnnnd… Yabba Dabba Doooo!


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