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July 18, 2011

weekend review

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Moseyman and I had a couple of nice meals out and about. The taco cart on N. 4th near Bedford Ave. is our new favorite. They’re clean, cheap, super nice and make a yummy veggie taco.

But we also tried Egg in Williamsburg for the 3rd time and still weren’t impressed at all. Why is this place so crazy popular? Moseyman named his dish ‘prison food’:

Yesterday evening we decided it’s time for a quick weekend getaway trip. We just need to decide what’s closest but feels the furthest. If you have any getaway ideas surrounding NY we’d love to hear them! Preferably something involving nature and cooler weather!

And now, a few of my favorite links this week:

The perfect summer survival dress

Strange Chinatown stories I never knew

The cutest thing you’ll ever see

Riding pants (for bikes!)

Pretty, colorful summer flats

Hint of a beautiful beach dress

June 4, 2009

sweet summer shoes

All I can think about today is Obama’s important speech in Cairo, but here are some sweet summer shoes to check out while waiting for his global feedback…


March 27, 2009

heralding maude

While lingering on, I came across these super cute Maude shoes. The first thing I thought was “Uh Oh!” You see, I already purchased those magical dolce vita sandals, but these maudes are also magical! BUT… too expensive for me. This is when I need to just carefully close the web page and return to something simple and civilized like BBC news.

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