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July 19, 2011

summer survival tea

I make at least one pitcher of this raspberry-lemon iced tea per day because I love it that much. If you’re an iced tea lover AND a raspberry enthusiast like I am, you might want to try making some of this stuff. Only problem is… it’s slightly addictive!

Raspberry-Lemon Iced Tea
2 raspberry tea bags (I buy these tea bags at a little Polish shop in Greenpoint)
2 English Breakfast tea bags (I use Trader Joes brand)
2-3 lemons
6-7 T of sugar

1. Boil just enough water to melt the sugar & steep the tea bags.
2. Pour boiled water into pitcher with your 4 tea bags, and sugar.
2. Squeeze lemons and stir well
3. Add cold purified water til you fill your pitcher
4. Pour yourself a glass, add plenty of ice & enjoy!

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