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April 10, 2009

FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ desert not-so-plains

Yesterday, moseyman and I drove a few hours south to the desert. Now although we’re living in the Middle East, we actually live in a pretty westernized city (Tel Aviv), so when we left the city behind us we undoubtedly immersed ourselves in the real deal. As we drove further and further south, we watched the high rises disappear, the greenery fade and the sandy mountains grow. We heard the radio pop music staticize and the Mizrachi (eastern) music tune in. After a couple of hours of driving we began to see small, movable houses in the near distance. Flimsy, tin, roofs were held down simply, by large rocks. We passed many Bedouin who were herding fluffy sheep along the side of the road, and some riding camels in the distance. The faces of these nomads were barely visible for the layers of scarves, turbans and billowing, hooded cloaks. When we finally arrived, we parked at a Bedouin (but tourist ridden) campsite where I nerded out on the nargila smoking and strong coffee drinking experience. Instead, we immediately set off, trail map in hand, food and water on our backs. I must admit, prepared for a full day of hiking and mountain climbing, my outfit was nothing to post about. The colors of the desert surrounding us, however, were the most inspirational of all field trips, yet. These were not mountains of simple beige and cream, these were mountains of hot paprika, cumin and turmeric! It was like hiking on spices! There were multicolored rocks all over the place… dark purple with veins of pale lavender, black marble with swirls of peach. I could go on forever, but instead I will present you with my newest addition of field trip picks… inspired by the colors of the desert and some Bedouin goodness.


freemont jacket – 80spurple, white trumpet dress – pixiemarket, simona scarf – forever 21, fringe purse – modcloth, D.Co lace ups –, black (harem ish) pants – forever 21

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