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March 10, 2011

madewell at bird party

Tonight Moseyman and I trekked out into the nasty winds and rain to see what was going on at the madewell-bird party (a celebration of Madewell‘s big debut at bird).

Unfortunatley, the rack of stripes (and I’m a stripes and Madewell lover) felt a little underwhelming… perhaps overshadowed by the s’mores on a stick, free beer and sweet tunes?

I think the parting gifts near the door were the highlight… an event branded pouch, a 15% off coupon and a couple of mini cheddar corn muffins.

June 6, 2010

renegade craft fair – after the rain

I took a little lunch break from my Sunday morning work routine and trotted a whole 1 block over to the Renegade Craft Fair, which was set up all over Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Noon time sunny skies filled the area, as did hundreds of fantastically styled craft booths. I did a quick lap around the field, became engrossed by all the creativity and completely forgot that I was a blogger. Ha! It was only later in the day, after the rain hit, that it hit me! Must. Post. Favorites. On. Blog!  … I went back …

renegade craft fair

Although the rain had scared quite a few tenters away, there were still a few incredible booths left. My top 3 Renegade faves were:

1) Les Enfants Sauvages – Specializing in perfectly printed, perfectly flattering dresses & skirts, Montreal designer, Marie-Christine Quenneville, had one of my favorite booths at the Renegade Craft Fair.

les enfants sauvages skirt

les enfants sauvages

les enfants sauvages booth

2) Death and Texas – Beautiful styling all around, DNTX (Death and Texas) displayed a well-curated table of canvas-made, leather-strapped pouches, bike bags and clutches.

death and texas

death and texas booth

3) Megan Lee Designs was a bustling booth of T’s for all. This was my favorite tee shirt of the day:

megan lee designs

Had a great time at the fair. Next weekend I’ll be visiting the big spring/summer sale at Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Flea. Will be checking out Mociun, Lena Corwin and more… and this time I’ll be blog ready.

April 10, 2009

why can’t you be mine?

With the dream of buying an apartment in the back (well, actually more towards to front) of my head, I’ve become obsessed with one place that was featured on the amazing Design Sponge. Yes, this apartment is actually for sale, but unfortunately, out of my price range. Its Williamsburg (Brooklyn) location seems perfect and its character seems unmatchable. I can’t help but wonder why they’re selling it. What’s wrong with it? Am I delusional? That’s not a long, skinny, somewhat awkward living room, it’s a chance for awesome lengthy living room shelves. That’s not a tiny box bedroom, it’s a cozy, sleepy, love nest. The designer is a real pro. The Scandinavian furniture she picked out is everything I would love, and the details such as the exposed brick walls, the high beamed loft ceiling and the deep soaking bathtub are all the elements I have been looking for. Check out her beautiful design sense below and read up on the details at design sponge sneak peek!

March 22, 2009

Tsumori’s tsunami

Tsumori Chisato‘s spring 09 collection is so consistently saturated with incredible layers of color, fabric and shape, that after viewing her entire collection in one sitting, you can be left feeling slightly overstimulated, as if listening to a playlist of only up-tempo hits.  That said, I haven’t seen a runway this beautiful in a while. In fact each outfit resembles a painting. With mounds of fabric, gathered up skirts, cape-like sleeves and shapes of every kind imaginable, it’s like 10 collection ideas in one collection. If I could nab just one piece for myself to saunter about in the city streets, I would no doubt be queen for a day. Check out the runway shots, then below that, a few simple, wearable, “buyable” pieces.

The bottom three pieces are available at the fantastic bird shop.

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