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June 20, 2009

procrastination inspiration – taking it home!

Every weekend, just about when the house has become almost completely unlivable, I do the “BIG” clean. But each time it’s cleaning time, I have a nasty little habit of wondering off into home decor internet world instead. This time around, I found some wonderful pieces of people’s homes that I would really like to paste into my own home. Here is a peek at my procrastination inspiration.

Home inspiration

FOUND IT: magazine bin – shopotto, PS Collection lamp – Ikea, amazing curvy table seen on Inhabitat, grass topped house in Big Sur – seen on Inhabitat, red print fabric – modgreenpod, bedroom w/ awesome cage lamps – outofvogue.

May 4, 2009

seeing black and white

I’m a total color fiend, but lately I’ve noticed that there are some black and white doodads with real appeal. So… here are my black and white bedroom pics.

Shopping: Indo feather rug, tribal curtain, trees pillowcase and bird hamper – urban outfitters ~ k studio birds pillow – designpublic ~ air balloon wall graphics – householdwords

March 16, 2009

i <3 sheets

While moseyman was away, camping in the desert, I had been squatting in squalor. It’s barely an exaggeration, I had been shamefully lazy and had let the house become something he wouldn’t have recognized when he got back. Luckily, during my lowest point of procrastination, I found some sweet nuggets of online bed and bath inspiration. So in the nick of time, I whipped up a cleaning doozie and even added some fresh cut flowers to the kitchen! Still not picture worthy though, here instead, are a few of the images that willed me to turn on the vacuum.

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