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Hello bloggie friends! Any good plans for the weekend? Moseyman and I are going to finally build shelves in our ‘music closet’. We hung a few of our guitars on the living room wall so this small closet will mostly house the uglier music related things like cords, keyboard stands, etc. I can’t wait until this project is done and out of the way so we can move on to more fun and exciting things like decor for our upcoming window storage seat!

With decor on the brain, inspiration from this recent living room makeover and this super cute apartment tour, I’ve been scouting out little items that have a splash of personality and may possibly make the difference between a blah living room and a fun ‘lived-in’ look.

(While these aren’t really window seat decor items, I still thought they deserved a little admiration)

This donkey print


These golden animal magnets


This orange basket


This totally affordable mint desk lamp with yellow cord.


This round mirror


This golden sea urchin object


These fox bookends


Since we keep our small apartment pretty clutter free, we don’t have many decorative items dotted around. What do you think? Do you have any favorite chotchkies around your house that add personality? I would love to hear what they are.


One Comment to “decor personality”

  1. We are planning an addition to our house and considering a built in seat that folds out into a bed (we don’t have a window). I have been wondering if people who have them really use them or do they just become another surface to collect stuff. Need data!

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