perfect short wedding dress

Sometimes I find dresses that make me want to get married all over again. Does this ever happen to you?
So if Moseyman and I were to have our elopement in Cypress all over again, or even throw another wedding party, this dress would definitely be a contender.


4 Comments to “perfect short wedding dress”

  1. Wow, super cute. Can’t you just get it as a white dress to wear?

  2. am intrigued by your tiny bit about eloping to Cypress with Moseyman, wow what how!

    • Oh Melly, I highly recommend eloping. Definitely the most intimate, romantic way to get married. And Cypress… well, wow! It happened over 3 years ago now. We were living in Israel at the time and could not legally marry there, so we flew over to Cypress to do the deed. Best trip of my life.

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