the sweater dress

I like the idea of a throwing on a cozy sweater dress for a romantic Sunday brunch, but always see styles that don’t seem easy to pull off – like the oversized sweater or something. These three sweater dresses however, look totally doable. What do you think? Do you own a sweater dress? Is it easy to wear?

gold knitted dressaztec sweater dress, green midi dress


3 Comments to “the sweater dress”

  1. I have a sweater dress from Asos that I love! I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off, but it looks great and oh so comfy!

  2. I had one but I think it’s going in my to-get-rid of pile. It was a hard-to-deal with shape, tight on bottom and loose on top (I think there are pictures of it on my blog as I wore it to last New Years Eve celebrations). I wish we were in the same place so you could try it on and see if you like it, haha! But also, I hate to admit this but I tend to like Victoria’s Secrets sweater dresses, they’re fitted (of course) and pretty cute.

  3. yup…fave sweater dress…
    Paris ..1967.. cream long sleeve mini…paired with brown boots, brown owl necklace, long brown hair….ahhhh

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