paint dress

I’m attending (and performing a song in) an upcoming wedding for a friend and have been snooping around online for a cute dress that won’t clash with their amusement park red/white/blueish theme. It’s been hard. But then I saw this girl wearing an awesome paint dress on closet visit and thought ‘That’s it! That’s the dress I need!’ YES! Click on the pic and see how pretty it is.

Er… then I looked at it over on Wren where the dress was baggily modeled, and felt puzzled for a while… wah wah

I decided to believe that it would fit me as well as it does on the girl in the top photo, and so I took the plunge and clicked BUY. Obviously I’ll need to find a red belt & a cute clutch.

Have you ever had this problem of seeing a dress one place and it looks fabulous – then seeing it online and second guessing it? Fingers crossed that it fits my small physique!


4 Comments to “paint dress”

  1. Yes! All the time! I try to see if I can view it on different models and also read reviews (if available) since I hate returning things. Best of luck on this dress and keep us posted as to how it turns out!

  2. The dress is incredibly beautiful! I really hope it fits you nicely too 🙂

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