happy weekend

A weekend for me is Friday & Saturday because I work for an Israeli company. At first I thought it might be difficult to have a different weekend from everyone else but actually it has turned out to be quite the opposite. Friday, as it turns out, is the perfect day to frolic around the city without having to worry about dodging lots of crampy foot traffic. Moseyman and I decided to spend today in Central Park – I think we haven’t been since we left NYC 4 years ago so it was a real treat.

We started the day off by filling up on my homemade banana-blueberry pancakes.

I managed to make them without being too mushy or too burnt!

Then it was off to row boats in Central Park. We took turns rowing and ducking into the nooks for shade breaks.

We tried making friends with a snobby sunbather.

Then decided to have a junk food picnic at the foot of a shady hill.

Now Moseyman is passed out on the couch (I’ll spare him that photo) and I’m about to scrub 5 layers of sunblock off.
We had a lovely day… hope you had one too!


One Comment to “happy weekend”

  1. I felt like I was there 🙂

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