for the ulminate p&p fan

I grew up passing through the ‘family room’ many times while my parents would hog the TV, watching the British adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. They actually own the BBC series box set… the one with Colin Firth. Recently, I decided to relive old times and netflix every single P&P adaptation ever made (or at least ever put on Netflix) and I loved every minute of them! So when I saw this P & P ‘book clutch‘ I couldn’t help but smile. Are you a Pride and Prejudice fan by chance? While the book only costs $2-$10, Kate Spade’s book clutch will set you back $325.


5 Comments to “for the ulminate p&p fan”

  1. I usually re-read P&P about once or twice a year. Sooo good! I love this! xo

  2. That’s funny, my parents are addicted to it too! They love some period dramas.

  3. Freakin’ love P&P! Colin Firth version is the best (in my opinion, of course) film version!

  4. @karla – I totally agree!

  5. P&P favorite parts……….Elizabeth’s reply to Darcy’s proposal…..
    also……..Elizabeth’s “conversation” with Lady Catherine concerning the alleged offer of marriage 🙂

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