reminiscing about tel aviv

You know those nights where you sit and explore old photographs you’ve taken throughout the different phases of your life? Well tonight is one of those nights for me and I thought I would share some of those photos with you.

As challenging as my time was in Tel Aviv, there are things about it that I will always remember and hold dear to my heart.

Through all of Israel’s controversy I never felt comfortable publicly posting about it or my life there, in my blog. Now I have a different perspective and I think that it’s important to show different sides to different places, even if you don’t agree with what the government does. After all, I lived there for 3 years. So here are some photos that were taken in Tel Aviv during that period…

View over the city:

Some of our neighboring apartment buildings:

One of my favorite apartment buildings to pass by:

What most Tel Aviv apartments look like:

Porch-balcony in our first Tel Aviv apartment:

The living room of our second apartment (after just moving in):

10 minute walk away:


One Comment to “reminiscing about tel aviv”

  1. I love them! I did notice that you always referred to living in “the Middle East” and then I later learned in Israel. A lot of those photos look like my memories from one very controversial border away in Cairo. Would you want to move back?

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